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Enjoy Fun at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park
BY 2020-06-15 09:39:39

(DALIANNEWS)- What was it like when an exchange fair for children met an intangible cultural heritage fair? 

On June 13, 2020, on the occasion of the 15th World Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park organized an activity which combined the two together, attracting more than 40 local families with their children.

Local children arranged their own stalls carefully and exchanged their favorite items, which brought the children unprecedented joyful experience.

A child with her mother takes part in the fair at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, June 13, 2020. 

Apart from that, an intangible cultural heritage fair was also held here at the same time, presenting lots of Chinese traditional folk arts such as paper-cutting, cloth art, clay sculpture and famer's painting.

A view of a child's stall is seen at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, June 13, 2020. 

Listening to the intangible cultural heritage stories in the ocean world and witnessing the hundred-year history of Chinese excellent traditional culture, tourists also participated in a DIY making activity on the spot and experienced the fun of handicrafts. 

Many traditonal and folk handicrafts are on display during the fair at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park.

It doesn't matter if you miss out it, for more wonderful activities are going to be held every Saturday in June so as to celebrate the Father's Day and the Dragon Boat Festival. Come to the activities at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park and enjoy more fun!

Location: Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park (大连老虎滩海洋公园)

Traffic: Bus No.2, No.4, No.30, No.403, No.404, etc. 

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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