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Rose Walls Beautify Dalian in Early Summer
BY 2020-06-09 13:31:25

(DALIANNEWS)- It is the season of roses again! Every early summer, you will inadvertently meet a cluster of blooming roses no matter where you go in this coastal city of Dalian. The flower wall formed by colorful roses climbing on frames or fences in front of the yards refresh each passer-by, and also becomes the best place for photographers. Here we recommend some typical old streets where you may enjoy both the beautiful roses and the tranquil environment hidden in the hustle and bustle of the downtown of this city. 

Fenglin Street (枫林街)

It has been developed into Nanshan style pedestrian street, where young people like to take photos and have a date. The flower walls with roses can be seen in front of several undeveloped old residential buildings here, and several cafes with yards full of blooming flowers also welcome tourists at the end of this street. 

Gaoyang Street(高阳街) 

Gaoyang street is a block where old houses, mostly private ones, are concentrated. The flower wall here is mainly composed of wild roses and Chinese roses, which are both plump and large in size due to the flower owners’ careful cultivation. The block is very quiet, and the cats occasionally pass by.

Shanluan Street(山峦街)

The flower wall of red blooming roses extends more than one kilometer along Shanluan Street. In the scorching sun, the wild roses just like the passionate Spanish girls are reveling all the way. The rose wall which is higher than a man has thorns on its branches, protecting the high wall or house behind it. 

Fugong Street(富工街)

The fences are densely covered with colorful roses at the neighborhoods around Fugong Street. When the gentle wind blows, the streets here are filled with fresh fragrance of the roses. The flower wall of wild roses here not only provides a shade for people under the sun but also a nice place which makes people happy with flower fragrance.

It is the most beautiful scenery in early summer!What are you waiting for? Let's enjoy the rose walls together! 

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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