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Enjoy Acacia Flowers through Livestreaming Video
BY 2020-05-28 09:31:48

(DALIANNEWS)- When the fragrance of acacia flowers diffuses to every corner of the city, the most beautiful season comes to Dalian! 

Different from the previous year, Dalian Acacia Flower Festival had something special this year due to the influence of the pandemic. Tourists from home and abroad enjoyed the beautiful acacia flowers through the livestreaming video at Laodong Park on May 26 this year.

About one million tourists check the flowers online and 500,000 tourists gave their likes to this livestreaming video.

Local citizens together with foreign friends enjoyed the snacks made from acacia flowers, the paintings and calligraphies with acacia culture, paper-cuttings as well as flower arrangement on the spot. 

Snacks made from acacia flowers get popular among tourists at Laodong Park in Dalian. Local people always use the acacia flowers as an ingredient in different kinds of food.

Acacia flower arrangement is on display at Laodong Park in Dalian.

Han Yueqin, inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage project, makes a paper-cutting at Laodong Park in Dalian.

A local folk artist paint an acacia flower painting on a porcelain vase at Laodong Park in Dalian.

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