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School Reopens!
BY 2020-04-15 11:24:25

(DALIANNEWS)- A total of 29 students in their final year of Dalian No.23 High School returned to the schoolyard, on the afternoon of April 14, 2020, after a prolonged spring festival due to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the first batch of the Naval Aviation Experimental Class in Liaoning Province, the 29 students are from eight cities in Liaoning Province, including Shenyang, Fushun, Tieling, Dandong, Anshan and Chaoyang. 

These young people will be concentrated in learning and accommodation in the schoolyard, which means greater pressure and much more detailed management requirements to the school during the period of the epidemic prevention and control. 

The Naval Aviation Experimental Class required students to study online at home, not to go out and keep self-isolation.

The students returned to school one after another on Tuesday. After the temperature measurement at the school gate and the Dalian Health Code scanning, they entered the schoolyard. The school also set up a luggage disinfection place for them in the living area of the experimental class, even the sole of the students' shoes should be disinfected here.

“The students get up and check temperature at 6:20 to 6:40 everyday and have a snap at 12:30, then they measure their body temperature after getting up at 13:00 to 13:10. All the students should have meals at the designated place and during the free activities, they should keep a 1.5-meters distance with each other.”, said Fang Yanmei, the headteacher of the Naval Aviation Experimental Class.

The Naval Aviation Experimental Class arranges two students in a dormitory which shall be disinfected three times a day, including door and window handles, switches, hand washing tables, etc., and the ventilation after each disinfection shall not be less than 30 minutes.

For more than two years, the students of the Naval Aviation Experimental Class have gone through a series of strict examinations and screening, including political conditions, physical conditions, culture conditions, physical training, simulated flight, real aircraft training, etc. Now, they are closer to the dream of the air force pilots. 

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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