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No.10 Order of Dalian COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters
BY 2020-03-24 09:07:02

In order to reduce the risk of overseas imported epidemic of COVID-19 to the largest extent, consolidate the achievements of COVID-19 prevention and control, safeguard the health and safety of life of the citizens and inbound travelers to Dalian, the Headquarters issues the order as follows:

I. Strictly performing the entry control measures

1.Dalian implements strict 14-day “one person per home” home quarantine or collective quarantine observation measures on inbound travelers to Dalian.

2. Strict home quarantine management. For the inbound travelers to Dalian that apply for home quarantine, it is requested that the workers of the communities (villages) check if the “one person per home” standard is reached. For the inbound travelers to Dalian that could satisfy the standard of “one person per home”, he or she should comply with the relevant home quarantine requirements without supervision and shouldn't leave home. Communities (villages) should implement the management measures strictly, provide basic life guarantee services and make sure that the persons under home quarantine do not leave home. Those who leave home without authorization should be punished according to law. 

3. Those whose condition couldn't satisfy the standard of “one person per home” should be put under collective quarantine and cover all the relevant expenses themselves.

4. Among the inbound travelers to Dalian, seniors in need of care, juveniles, pregnant/parturient women as well as persons cannot take care of themselves because of various diseases could be accompanied by one person during home quarantine or collective quarantine after verification by communities (villages). 

5. For the family members that have spent 14 days together in the same house before entering China, they could conduct home quarantine in one house on the condition of “one person per room”. It is not allowed to live together with the family members that do not need to be quarantined. During the home quarantine, the family members should reduce contacts, stop gathering or dining together, place the daily necessities separately, wear masks, increase ventilation and disinfection and pay attention to personal hygiene.

6. For the persons entering Dalian from other ports of China, they should report to the Working Group on Strict Prevention of Importation of COVID-19 (mobile phone: 18242065072) themselves or through designated person (relatives or reception personnel in Dalian) before entering Dalian. The Group will be responsible to organize the “point to point” pick up and drop off seamlessly and conduct closed management, prohibit the inbound travelers to enter into public transportation systems and move freely. For the ones that conceal overseas traveling or living experiences, do not report according to relevant regulations, liability shall be pursued in accordance with the law.

7. Communities (villages) should continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, conduct grid managment, investigate and control the inbound travelers in a comprehensive way, make sure no one family or one person is missed, strictly implement quarantine/control,  information registration and health monitoring on inbound travelers.

8. During the quarantine period, judging from the health state of the quarantined persons, at least one nucleic acid test is requested. The ones whose test results are negative and have conducted 14-day quarantine without any abnormal symptoms will be released from quarantine.

9. If symptoms such as fever appear on the inbound travelers in airports or quarantine places, he or she will be sent to the fever clinics of designated medical institutions by 120 ambulances called by the airport medical group or quarantine managers. 

10. The inbound travelers released by the designated medical institutions for not infected by COVID-19 and do not need to be observed in hospital will be quarantined collectively.

II.Strengthening epidemic guarantee services

11.During the period of returning to China, if the inbound travelers have been confirmed as COVID-19 cases or suspected cases and have been covered by the basic medical insurance, after paying according to relevant policies regarding basic medical insurance, critical illness insurance and medical assistance, the personal bearing part of the medical expenses generated in the medical institutions in the administrative areas of Dalian will be subsidized by the municipal finance according to relevant regulations. For the ones haven't been covered by basic medical insurance, the medical expenses should be paid by the patients themselves in principal. For the patients with commercial insurance, the commercial insurance companies will pay for the relevant medical expenses according to the regulations in the contracts.

12.The expenses generated during the hospital observation should be paid by the individuals in principal. The expenses that could be contained in basic medical insurance should be paid according to relevant rules and regulations.

13.For the medical expenses of foreign passport holders, relevant rules and regulations should prevail. 

III Serious legal responsibility

14.Organs, enterprises and institutions at all levels should perform the management responsibility earnestly, follow the information of inbound travelers and report to relevant communities (villages) in a timely manner, as well as cooperate with quarantine and health observations. 

15.The inbound travelers should report individual health information and traveling route of the 14 days before entering China, etc. truthfully, cooperate with relevant departments to perform epidemic prevention and control responsibilities. For the behaviors of concealing the contact experiences or experiences traveling or living in the epidemic-stricken areas, lying on disease status, refusing to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures, as well as other behaviors that may disturb normal order of epidemic prevention and control, the relevant behaviors will be regarded as dishonest behavior and the individual will be added into blacklist of serious dishonesty and be pursued in accordance with the Law of the PRC on Public Security Administration, Law of the PRC on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, Opinions on Further Strengthening Frontier Health and Quarantine, Penalizing Unlawful Practices Hampering Frontier Health and Quarantine According to Law, etc.

16. The relevant organs, enterprises and institutions as well as streets (townships), communities (villages) that fail to report, conceal the information of inbound travelers or cannot fulfill work responsibilities thus cause serious consequences will be held accountable in accordance with relevant laws, disciplines and regulations. 

17.The masses are welcome to participate in the supervision and valuable reports will be rewarded. The masses could report to the local government the information on misreporting personal information and non-compliance with prevention and control regulations. Relevant government will reward the earliest reporters after verification. (mobile phone: 18242065072).

Dalian COVID-19

Prevention and Control  Headquarters

March 21st 2020

(Editor:Grace) (From:Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government)
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