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Instructions on Application of Dalian Pass
BY 2020-03-23 09:18:29

(DALIANNEWS)- During the epidemic prevention period, all people need to use the Dalian Pass healthy code to access the coastal city of Dalian. Here is a guide of the application of Dalian Pass for foreign passport holders, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan residents. Let's have a look! 

The First Step: Download

Method 1

1. Scan the QR code below, download and install "Citizen Cloud" APP. 

2. Open the download page in your browser.

3. Click "download".

Method 2

Search and download "Citizen Cloud" in Apple App Store, Huawei App Gallery, Baidu Handset Assistant, 360 Mobile Phone Assistant, OPPO Software Store. The App in other App stores will be coming online soon.

The Second Step: Select “Dalian” City 

The Third Step: Apply For “Dalian Pass”

1. Click “Dalian Pass”on the Home page.

2. Apply For “Dalian Pass”

2.1 Please select the language.

2.2 You have entered the detailed information page. Please fill in requested information truthfully, tick to confirm authenticity of information and submit. If you have completed, been in the process of or will start the quarantine, please fill in the start date truthfully.

2.3 Successful submit. The system will generate the health code after dynamic verification. You could click to check the status of “Dalian Pass”.

The GREEN color represents healthy people. On the condition of taking protective measures and accepting temperature check, the code holder is permitted to move freely in the places except key control areas and the areas closed by the COVID-19 Prevention & Control Headquarters at all levels. 

The YELLOW color represents the ones required to conduct home quarantine. The code holder should conduct home quarantine strictly under supervision.

The RED color represents the ones required to be put under major monitoring. Relevant departments at all levels conduct strict track management, quarantine, treatment and inspection on these persons.

Tips: You may alter the information only once after submitting the application. Please check carefully the information before altering and submitting again to get the corresponding Pass.

How to Use the "Dalian Pass"?

Scan the QR code offered in the places or units with the "scan" icon on the right corner of the Home page to record the entry & exit times and pass status.

(Translated by Gao Yang)

(Editor:Grace) (From:Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government)
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