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Why do expats choose to stay in Dalian during epidemic period?
BY 2020-03-16 16:31:37

(DALIANNEWS)- Lots of foreign friends choose to stay in Dalian to fight against the COVID-19 together with local residents during the epidemic period. What makes them choose to stay in China? How do they think of the prevention and control work of the COVID-19 in China? Let's have a look!

Kimberley Michalk (America)

I have been living in Dalian for 12 years, and my children grow up here. I choose to stay here because this is my home. We live in a closed community in Jinshitan, and some people often help us to buy necessities during the epidemic period. The control of the epidemic need a certain process, and I believe that we must be the final winners.  

Lorenzo Mazzucato (Italy)

Before the epidemic outbreak, my family were all in Italy but I had to stay in Dalian alone because of work. Although we are now in different places, I am doing very well here in Dalian. The Chinese government is doing its best to protect Chinese people and foreign friends here in China. 

Svetlana Ulyakhina (Russia)

I believe that staying in China is much safer now. The spring is coming, and China did such a good job fighting the virus like no other country can do, there are almost no cases outside Hubei! So we are optimistic. 

Gianluca Sambo (Italy)

I was in China when SARS broke out. I get the news of the current epidemic through the information released by Jinpu new area in Dalian and also the CNN. I am confident in Chinese government and believe that China will win the battle against this epidemic eventually.

Faizan   (India) 

The Chinese government and my university (DUFE) staff do a really great job in this hard time which I will always remember in my whole life. The Chinese show the world that they are so strong under the instruction of the government. They work together with courage and fight against the virus. I love China and I am confident that China will overcome the difficulty as soon as possible!

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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