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Notification on Further Improving the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Importation from Abroad
BY 2020-02-27 08:34:45

In accordance with the general requirements for epidemic prevention and control - "No import, no proliferation", Dalian city has always attached great importance to the management and service for people from abroad. Recently, COVID-19 cases have appeared in many places abroad, and there is a tendency to spread. In order to further protect the lives and health of citizens and people from abroad, and to provide necessary working and living conditions for people from abroad, the following notification is issued:

I. Service guarantee for people from abroad

All districts, departments, and units must effectively undertake the responsibility, make unified arrangements in accordance with the requirements of Dalian Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters, work hard and cooperate in a one-on-one, seamless manner, and do well in tracking and guarantee service for people from abroad.

1. Develop a work plan and improve the joint prevention and control working mechanism. Acquire information about incoming flights to Dalian in advance, and do well in the registration, health testing, emergency treatment and information notification to ensure that information is shared in a timely manner.

2. Provide pick-up and drop-off service. Arrange special air-bridges and passages, designate personnel for maintenance and disinfection. Cargo and baggage shall be strictly disinfected.

3. Reinforce the management of people from abroad. All people from abroad must truthfully report their identity, address in Dalian, contact phone number, health status, and travel purpose in accordance with regulations. For those who have fever, cough and other discomfort, corresponding measures shall be taken immediately.

4. Service for the people from abroad shall be classified according to their identity and travel purpose. All districts and relevant units shall arrange designated vehicles and personnel to send them "point-to-point" to destinations such as communities, units, and hotels, and ensure health monitoring throughout the process. Their family members and friends are requested not to pick up or drop off at the airport.

5. The working staff must pay great attention to personal protection throughout the process to ensure their own safety. They must be enthusiastic, friendly, thoughtful and meticulous, try their best to solve the difficulties of people from abroad, make adequate explanation and provide emotional counseling. All districts, departments, and units must select personnel with foreign affairs work experience when providing service for foreigners, and pay attention to foreign affairs etiquette.

II. Classification of people from abroad

Classified management is implemented based on the health status and declaration information of people from abroad:

1. People who have a fixed residence and employer must travel to the place of residence in the designated vehicle and register with the local community. The people and the co-residents shall be isolated for 14 days at home in accordance with the prevention and control requirements for home isolation. If the condition for home isolation is not available, centralized isolation shall be implemented in each area. The community in which they live shall fulfill the management responsibility for those in home isolation.

2. People on short-term business or travel in Dalian must take the arranged vehicle to the designated hotel, and truthfully report their physical condition and daily itinerary. During their stay in Dalian, they and their close contacts must take reliable prevention measures. When leaving Dalian, they must take the arranged vehicle to the port.

3. People transiting by the Dalian port must inform the on-site staff of their subsequent itinerary, transfer through the designated passageway or take the arranged vehicle to the railway station, dock, etc.

4. People who have discomfort such as fever and cough must take the arranged ambulance to designated hospital for observation and treatment. Their close contacts shall be centralized and isolated.

Ports of entry provide translation services for people who cannot communicate in Chinese.

People arriving in Dalian within 14 days (after February 12, 2020) are requested to continue isolated observation. If they have any discomfort such as fever and cough, take personal protective measures and go to the designated fever clinic in time.

This notification comes into force upon promulgation.

Dalian COVID-19

Prevention & Control Headquarters

February 26, 2020

(Editor:Grace) (From:Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government)
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