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A Letter to Foreign Friends in Dalian
BY 2020-01-29 08:00:00

To resolutely and effectively contain the occurrence and spread of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus, Liaoning Province activated the Level-I alert of public health incidents and carried out the most stringent control and prevention measures on January 25.


CPC Dalian Municipal Committee and Dalian Municipal People’s Government all took it seriously and intensified prevention and control efforts in an orderly way. To safeguard your safety and personal health, we hereby offer proposals as follows:


Firstly, please follow closely the official release of authoritative information.


Please pay attention to our official Wechat Accounts "Liaoning Release" and "Dalian Release" to keep abreast of latest authoritative updates on the situation both in Dalian City and Liaoning Province as a whole. Also, you can find in it all useful information you want such as contact information of city’s designated medical institutions, epidemic control & prevention measures, and important notices etc.


Secondly, please take adequate self-preventive measures.


Do Keep good basic hygiene practice. Wash hands frequently, wear masks when going out. Use paper towels to cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. Discard masks in an environmentally friendly manner. Pay attention to household hygiene, open windows to ventilate rooms, use bleach to disinfect your household frequently. Eat cooked food, drink hot water, decrease raw and cold food intake. Do keep warm. Maintain a sensible diet. Avoid contact with any wild animals or poultry.


Cut down on outdoor activities, avoid presence in crowded venues. Large-scale public activities such as parties or dinners should be suspended. Take body temperatures at regular intervals. In case of such symptoms as fever, cough, chest distress or fatigue, do wear medical protective masks and check at the city’s designated medical institutions ASAP.


Thirdly, please participate in our joint defense and control mechanism.


If you have ever been to an area with high epidemic infection or contacted people from epidemic areas recently, please report to local agencies for disease control or to designated departments ASAP. In the meantime, have a good knowledge of your own physical conditions, take more rest at home and do less traveling. Your generous understanding, support and cooperation are all highly appreciated when men from our government organs, communities and medical institutions do their duties as registration or inquiries.


During this difficult time, we all bear the obligations of "not falling sick". There are no outsiders in this battle against the plague. Please cooperate in our efforts in aiding and accelerating all control and prevention measures, understand the latest developments, resolutely fight the spread of the epidemic and safeguard people’s life safety & health.         



(Editor:Grace) (From:Foreign Affairs Office of Dalian Municipal People’s Government)
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