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China Int'l Marine Ranching Fair 2018 to Open
BY 2018-07-09 07:43:03

(DALIANNEWS)- China International Marine Ranching Fair 2018, the world's first marine ranching conference and exhibition, is due to kick off at Dalian World Expo Square, October 29 to 31, 2018.

The fair will bring together the developers of marine ranching demonstration bases and other related enterprises and institutions to focus on the display of new technologies, new methods and new achievements in the construction of marine ranching farms. 

A number of marine ranching related activities will be hosted, including the 2nd International Symposium on Modern Marine Ranching, 2018-2019 Annual Academic Meeting , Fishery Resources and Environment Branch , China Society of Fisheries, 2018 National Aquatic Product Processing Conference, the Training Conference of National Modern Marine Ranching Technology and Construction Management, the Committee Meeting of Marine Ranch Construction Expert Advisory, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Meeting of Marine Ranching Committee of China Society of Fisheries and the 2018 Annual Meeting of Marine Ranch Fishing Construction Subcommittee, China Recreational Angling. 

Key representatives of domestic and international government agencies, scientific research institutes and enterprises will also be invited to participate in the exhibition and conferences.

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