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Fishing Ground in Early Morning
BY 2018-04-28 07:26:46


(DALIANNEWS)- Dalian, as a romantic coastal city, is famous for different kinds of seafood. Do you know how the fishermen catch fish? The following article written by the students of Dalian University of Foreign Languages will show you the busy morning of a local fishing ground and the seafood in there.

The fishing-ground in Lushun District is located at the end of Haixian Street in Yanchang burg. Fishermen make their lives by fishing.

In the morning of the day, the people of the fishing ground begin a day's work when the sun has not yet risen.

Before they go to sea, they always check the safety of the fishing boats and repair the fishing boats for their own safety. At the sea, they look for fish first and then cast nets. They must find some skills to be a better hunter. After fishing, they clean the fish and pack them, waiting for the buyers in the market. 

All kinds of fresh fish and different kinds of seafood are taken out of the sea by fishermen. Scallop, fish, sea cucumber, Spanish mackerel... All of them are displayed in the seafood market. They wait for the buyers to take them away and wait for their fate to come.

With a small amount of money, the fresh seafood purchased by visitors can be cooked in the restaurant next to the seafood market. Minced garlic, oil, salt, cooking wine... A variety of seasonings meet fresh seafood and become delicious food.

When the outside world begins to wake up, the bustle of the seafood market is close to the end. Every businessman is waiting in his own shop, waiting for someone to buy the fresh seafood. 

(photo&written by Zhao Yutong,Liang Kunhong,Xie Qingfa,Gao Dianwei,Yu Danming)

(Editor:赵洁) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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