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Water Resources
BY 2015-02-27 14:55:36
There are mainly two large river systems, the Yellow Sea system and the Bohai Sea system. The large rivers which flow into the Yellow Sea are Biliu River, Yingna River, Zhuanghe River, Xiezi River, Dasha River, Dengsha River, Qingshui River, and Malan River, etc. while the main rivers which flow into the Bohai Sea are Fuzhou River, Li Guancun River, San Shilipu River. Among them, the largest one is Biliu River, the source river of cross-valley water diversion. In addition, there are more than 200 small rivers. The total amount of fresh water resource is 3.786 billion cubic meters, among which 3.42 billion cubic meters of water is ground water, 88.4 million cubic meters of water is underground water and 58 million cubic meters of water is shared by them both.
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