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Dalian ( Lvshun) International Sakura Festival
BY 2015-01-16 14:12:39

Lvshun is the place where Sakura are planted, the most common and the earliest trees in China. There are about 4000 varieties. According to research, there are many kinds of Sakura in Lüshun, such as Tyugokuzakura, Nihonzakura, Yaezakura, Yamazakura,etc., distributing in the Dragon Emperor Pool, Sun Vale Scenic Spot, 203 Scenic Spot and cottage gardens.

In the Dragon Emperor Pool, there are Sakura and Star Magnolia trees that were planted early in the 1920s. In Sun Vale Scenic Spot, there is a 1.5 km street long of Sakura; in 203 Scenic Spot, there is a Sakura garden in which 1300 Sakura and 100 Star Magnolia trees are planted. Every year from April to May, Sakura are in full bloom, balls and clusters, layers and pieces, which look like white clouds or pink fog from a distance. They are extraordinarily beautiful and also look like a flower sea or colorful brocades held at arm’s length, so magnificent. People will be completely lost in the world of Sakura and other beautiful flowers, such as magnolia, forsythia, cherry-apple and clove.

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