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Transportation, Post, Telecommunications and Tourism
BY 2015-01-13 14:47:00

[Traffic and Transportation]:
Traffic and transportation kept up their steady development. The transportation industry delivered 455.57 billion ton-km of cargo-passenger converted turnover, up by 9.5 percent over the previous year. Cargo turnover was 448.78 billion ton-km, up by 9.5 percent; the passenger flow was 14.54 billion person-km, up by 7.5 percent. (Table 4)
The cargo throughput in coastal ports amounted to 246 million tons, up 10.3 percent over the previous year. Of this, foreign trade throughput was 86 million tons, up by 4.5 percent; container throughput 4.525 million, up by 18.6 percent; and passenger throughput 5.868 million, down by 8.9 percent. Zhoushuizi International Airport passenger flow was 8.205 million, up by 12.7 percent, and sole post cargo throughput was 129,400 tons, up by 6.4 percent.

[Construction of Shipping Center]:
Dalian Port signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jinzhou Port and Huludao Port, and breakthroughs were made in carrying out the subsequent port resource integration. Dalian Port’s General Plan received state approval. The electronic port in Liaoning province was officially opened. Changxing Island Port and Zhuanghe Port were listed in the Eleventh Five-Year Port Development Plan. Lüshun New Port and Zhuanghe Port passed their port opening pre-acceptance tests. The port fixed asset investment volume amounted to 8.4 billion yuan during the year, as 12 new berths were added and an increase of 13.29 million tons of throughput capacity was realized. #17 and #18 berths in Dayao Bay’s Container Port became fully operational. The construction of a new 300,000-ton oil tanker terminal and LNG Port of China Petroleum was quickly pushed forward. Railway ferries between Dalian and Yantai officially went into operation. The multi-functional examination building of Dayao Bay was topped off; the connection project of North Channel accomplished; and the second phase of port supervision and security video monitoring went into operation. The first phase of Changxing Island’s public port area channel dredging and north seawall main projects were completed. Rail-sea multimodal transportation network kept improving, with a transportation volume of 235,000 TEU over the year, up by 30 percent. With the cross-Straits direct transportation link, flights from Dalian to Taiwan were officially started. Dalian’s airport possesses in total 147 routes, including 100 domestic and 47 international and SAR. The routes reach 15 countries and 94 domestic and overseas cities, including 40 international and SAR routes.

[Post and Telecommunications]:
The postal and telecommunications trade has shown a good trend. The total volume of postal and telecommunications business was 16.566 billion yuan, up by 14.7 percent over the previous year. Of the total, postal revenue was 730 million yuan, up by 13.1 percent; telecommunications was 15.836 billion yuan, up by 14.8 percent. The EMS turnover was 2,853,000 pieces, up by 0.8 percent. The balance of the postal deposit at the end of year was 16.075 billion yuan, up by 29.8 percent. By the end of 2008, there were 3164.400 households of urban and rural fixed telephone users, down by 1.2 percent; 5110.600 households of mobile users, up by 23.9 percent; and 858,000 households of Internet ASDL users, up by 20.8 percent.

30 million domestic tourists were received, 21 percent more than that of the previous year; and 950,000 overseas tourists, up by 13.1 percent. The total tourist revenue was 40.08 billion yuan, up by 23.3 percent. Of this, revenue from domestic tourism was 35.5 billion yuan, up by 26.1 percent; in terms of foreign exchange, USD 658 million, up by 13.3 percent. By the end of 2008, there were 212 tourist hotels (with restaurants) in Dalian; six of them new. Regarding hotels, there are 168 star-rated hotels (with restaurants), with two new. There are 362 tourist agencies in Dalian, with 26 international travel agencies. There are 24 national Class-A tourism zones (spots), with one 5A Class and one ten 4A Class.

[Exhibitions and Fairs]:
96 exhibitions and fairs were held, up by 4.3 percent over the previous year, with a total exhibition area of 957 thousand square meters. The average size of exhibitions and fairs was nearly 10,000 square meters. 24,746 enterprises attended exhibitions and affairs, up by 14.6 percent. There were 1869 overseas enterprises and 88,456 exhibitors present, up by 18.4 percent. The number of visitors was 5,446,000, of which 46,000 were foreign.

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