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Shopping Center
BY 2015-01-12 13:42:29
Dashang Group

Dalian Store is called "the first shop in Dalian", "the first shop in Liaoning " as well as "the first shop in Northeast China". The store is divided into two building, which are connected by a huge central hall in the middle. The total floor area is more than 50,000 square meters and the business area is 35,000 square meters. It sells more than 100,000 kinds of goods including electrical appliances, daily necessities and clothing, etc.

Heping Square

It is one of the biggest American style shopping mall in China, it contains a shopping center, amusement and leisure center, a food and beverage center, etc.

Victory Plaza

Someone said that Dalian is the "drawing room of Northeast China", and applying it in this way we can say that Victory Plaza is the drawing room of Dalian. Located in front of the central railway station, the Plaza is a point where any visitor to the city has to pass. Just as stated in the ads, the Plaza is a comprehensive shopping mall that sets multi-functions such as dining, recreation and shopping under one roof. Many art shows and commercial promotions are held in the Romanesque square in the north of the Plaza.

Friendship Shopping Center

It is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Square and Renmin Road. It is a large, top grade, modern and comprehensive store and has been designated as a tourist shopping store.
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