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Autumn walking activity to be held in October
BY 2014-09-26 08:13:04

(DALIANNEWS)– The annual Dalian International Walking Festival has been held for 12 years in succession with over 200,000 participators each year. However, many walking lovers do not enjoy themselves to the full with only one walking festival every year, so Dalian Walking Association, Outdoor Spring ·China, and China Exploration Association Dalian Branch launched an autumn walking activity last year. Compared with the walking festival in May, this activity is much more like a “walking buffet” organized by walking lovers. They post the call-up on the internet, plan the route, appoint the departure time, and elect volunteers to serve the participators. The varied walking routes make participators satisfy a craving for outdoor activities.

According to the city’s walking association, the autumn walking activity is due to be held on October 18 this year. The walking routes are flexible including the 8 km course, 12 km course, and 20 km course. If you are in good health condition and want to challenge yourself, you may try a 60 km or even 100 km course with other four participators aged below 65. And possessing the accident insurance cards are also necessary requirements for the 60 km and 100 km walking routes.

The following are the details of this autumn walking activity.

Date: Participators should meet at 7:30 am, October 18, 2014, and depart at 8:00 am. The activity will conclude at 8:00 am, October 19, 2014.

Start and finish places: Start from Laohutan Ocean Park Square, and end at Shoushan Park at Ganjingzi district.


1. Laohutan Ocean Park-Fujiazhuang(8km course)-Xinghai Square(12km course)-Xiaopingdao(20 km course)

2. Laohutan Ocean Park-Dalian Double Islands Center Elementary School(60km course)

3. Laohutan Ocean Park-Dalian Double Islands Center Elementary School(60km course)-Dalian Deye Riveting and Weilding Factory(76km couse)- Dalian BEST City(96km course)-Dalian Shoushan Park(100km course)

Registration Deadline: October 15

Consulting telephone: 13840885868

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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