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Brief Introduction of Runsky.com
BY 2010-06-03 12:56:47

Launched on September 12, 2001, Dalian Tianjian website (www.runsky.com), supported by Dalian Municipal Government, is jointly invested by local news media. Following the newspapers, radio and television, the website has become the fourth media and the city’s broadband multi-media portal.

Media Position

1. News Portal in Dalian

Over one million viewers from around the world visit RUNSKY.COM daily and more than 80 percent of the local internet users take it as the preferred urban portal. The 1.84 UB Freq and 690 seconds Average Session Duration (ASD) make it China’s most popular city news website once again on China Rank Billboard in 2010 issued by Net Media, the most authoritative magazine in this industry.

2. The Only Network News Media in Dalian

As the only network news media in the port city of Dalian, RUNSKY.COM breaks the district limit of the traditional media and has become the window of Dalian to the world via three versions of Chinese, English and Japanese. The website has successfully made coverage on a wide array of conferences and activities including the Summer Davos, Dalian International Fashion Festival and the 17th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival.

3. Most Influential Virtual Community in Dalian

RUNSKY’s BBS, with over 800,000 registered users at present, brings together a huge number of local internet users on forums including E-maketplace, Fashion Avenue, Home Owner Club and Life of Comfort and Leisure. The BBS has become the largest and most all-round functional community in Dalian and has had impacts on the northeastern regions and even nationwide.

4. Authoritative and Comprehensive Information Platform

RUNSKY.COM, the most authoritative information platform in Dalian, provides dozens of information channels including the real estate, entertainment, digital, automobile, travel, food, wedding, education, human resources and finance for the internet users.

5. Excellent Network Application Service Provider

Dalian Tianjian website has an excellent network application service team, and has provided a full range of network application supports such as the web design, video living broadcast and wireless value-added service for many well-known enterprises.

Description of Internet Users

As the only network news media in Dalian, Runsky is always taking the responsibility of a news portal. According to Runsky Internet Users Survey 2009, of those over 10,000 polled netizens, 86.3 percent lived in Dalian for a long time, showing the Runsky’s role as a regional network news portal.

● According to the survey, 54.99 percent of the Runsky netizens have university degrees, 27.03 percent are college diploma holders, 8.61 percent have postgraduate degrees, and one percent receive doctorates or above.

● In terms of gender, male netizens use Runsky website more than women, 53.4 percent compared to 46.6 percent.

● At the aspect of age, Runsky’s main audience group is 24 to 43 years old audience. Among them, internet users aged 24 to 33 account for 51.6 percent of netizen amount, and netizens aged 34 to 43 is 30.22 percent.

● Most of Runsky netizens have sufficient time for internet use. Among them, 32.97 percent of netizens surf the internet two to four hours a day, 24.4 percent use the internet four to seven hours daily, and 25.24 percent spend over seven hours on the internet every day.

● In terms of incomes, 29.48 percent of netizens have monthly disposable incomes of 2,001 to 3,000 yuan, 25.16 percent have that of 3,001 to 5,000 yuan, and 8.94 percent of netizens have that of 5,001 to 8,000 yuan. Consequently, after many years’ network construction, Runsky has successfully drawn a huge number of internet users who are highly educated and earn higher incomes.

● Runsky's high-quality internet users come from different industries. Among them, 12.56 percent work in the IT, telecommunication and network field, 12.86 percent work in the manufacturing sector, 10.79 percent have jobs in real estate and building industry, over 7 percent work in government and trade business, 5.38 percent are in finance, banking business and insurance industry, and about 3 percent are in fields of medical care, media, public relations, advertising, hotel, tourism, and professional services such as laws and financial accounting. Runsky will target a much wider audience due to the increasingly popular networks, diversified network marketing methods, as well as the perfection of network infrastructural facilities including the wide band.

(Editor:Zhao Jie/Caroline) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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