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Friendship Mall
Comprehensive super store

tel: +86 (0)411 8265 9898; +86 (0)411 8265 5969
email: dlyy@mail.dlptt.ln.cn
web: http://www.dlyy.com.cn
address:8 Renmin Road, Zhongshan Plaza,Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116001

In Dalian, touring and shopping go together. Well known as the fashion center of China, the city hosts large-scale fashion shows, contests and festivals annually. At this spacious shopping center, shoppers and tourists will find fashionable brand name clothes from Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia for men and women. The sixth floor features traditional Chinese commodities such as the slinky qi pao (a traditional Chinese dress), silk items and handicrafts. Besides souvenirs and fashions, it also has cosmetics, jewelry, leather wares, food, furniture and household appliances. The first floor boasts the newly introduced American manicure chain, IBD.

nearest train: Buses 15, 23, 710
open hours: 9:30am-9pm daily

Qiu Lin Women's Store
Most distinctive speciality store in Dalian

tel: +86 (0)411 8363 9260
fax: +86 (0)411 8363 6699
address:108 Zhongshan Road,(in Qing Ni Wa business center)
Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116001

This seven-story pink building is the first shopping complex in northeast China designed exclusively for women. The first four floors are crammed with a staggering variety of cosmetics, household appliances and the latest fashions by the top designers. The fifth floor houses a complete fitness center and a state-of-the-art beauty salon. A food court featuring Shanghai, Dalian and Thailand styled dishes crowns the top floor.

open hours: 9am-10pm daily

South Korea Clothing Wholesale Mall
South Korean fashions

tel: +86 (0)411 8364 6420; +86 (0)411 8364 2348
fax: +86 (0)411 8363 3747
web: http://www.dlfzc.com/
address:224, Chang Jiang Road, Zhongshan District,Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116001

Located in the city's flourishing business area, and with easy access to the railway station, seaport and airport, this wholesale mall specializes is South Korean clothing. Designs from South Korea are usually characterized by their somewhat eccentric but definitely chic style. With hundreds of stalls grouped into respective sections, this four-story mall is abundant with various commodities, as well as a wide selection of famous clothing brands, household ornaments and leather wares.

open hours: 10am-4pm daily

Sunfed Fashion Ltd.
Sino-America joint venture of women's fashion

tel: +86 (0)411 8288 2600; +86 (0)411 8288 2700
fax: +86 (0)411 8288 2100
email: sunfed@mail.dlptt.ln.cn
web: http://www.sunfed.com/
address:95, Zhongnan Road, Zhongshan District,Dalian, Liaoning,CN,

Affiliated with the Sunfed Group in the U.S., Sunfed Fashion has established a reputation in Dalian for its sophisticated style and fine craftsmanship. Effortlessly combining the latest European fashion trends with elegant classics, the Sunfed line appeals to professional working women. The brand is so popular in Dalian that it consecutively made the top lists in the recent Dalian International Fashion Expositions.

open hours: 9am-8pm daily

Tianlun Mansion
Comprehensive department store

tel: +86 (0)411 8250 0006
fax: +86 (0)411 8250 0007
web: http://www.tlun.com.cn
address:299 Tianjin Street,Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116001

Located on bustling Tianjin Street, this massive department store draws shoppers from everywhere. There is a supermarket and jewelry section on the first floor. Eye-catching posters and small gifts are often handed out to customers as a thank you for visiting. The second and third floors offer brand name fashions for both men and women. Lingerie is sold on the fourth floor while the fifth floor specializes in selling seasonal clearance items. Timepieces and bedding are on the sixth floor.

nearest train: Buses 2, 23, 24, 101, 102, 412 Qing Ni Wa Bridge Station Stop
open hours: summer/fall: 9am-10pm; winter/spring 9am-8pm

Xian Shi Qiu Lin
Super department store

tel: +86 (0)411 8250 8088
fax: +86 (0)411 8250 8466; +86 (0)411 8250 8025
address:18 Jie Fang Road,Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116001

With a striking facade, this shopping center is hard to miss. Situated in the most prosperous district of downtown it is literally a small service town and has numerous shopping, dining and entertainment facilities. On the first floor, cosmetics, jewelry and timepieces are sold. The second floor specializes in selling leather goods. From the third to the fifth floors are fashions for women, men and children respectively. Exquisitely made furniture and glass items are on the sixth floor. Both the Taiwan Gourmet Plaza on the seventh floor and the Cosmopolitan Delicacy City provide a wealth of dining options.

nearest train: Buses 2, 23, 406, 705, 708
open hours: 9am-9pm daily

Yu Lai Garment Shop
A shop specializing tailored qipaos

tel: +86 (0)411 8761 0425
address:Xin Ri Li, Development Zone,Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116600

Foreigners living in the Development Zone frequent this shop for its famous tailored qipaos and Chinese-styled jackets. The qipao, a traditional Chinese dress for women, is close-fitting with a high neck and slit skirt, and were once popular with women of the Manchu nationality. The cost for a qipao ranges between CNY280-CNY400. The shop offers more than 20 varieties of pure silk to choose from. It also provides tailored suits for men with prices ranging from CNY380 for a suit to CNY60 for a waistcoat.

open hours: 8am-5pm daily

Zaslow Fur Chain
French fur fashions

tel: +86 (0)411 8264 8208; +84 (0)411 8280 8202
fax: +86 (0)411 8280 8606
address:Room 704 Heng Yang Apartments, 20 Luo Yang Street, Zhongshan District,alian, Liaoning,CN

Francine Zaslow is a renowned Hong Kong designer whose creations bear her name. During the past two decades she has been of consistently grand influence on the European fashion world. Her shoes, handbags, suits and other fur items are characterized by quality, practicality and style that enjoys a reputation for being ahead of the fashion pack. This store is a franchise outlet of Zaslow clothing, as well as of Italian designer Giorgio Fabiani.

open hours: 9am-8pm daily

Zhongxing Dalian Commercial Mall
Comprehensive superstore

tel: +86 (0)411 8368 0611
fax: +86 (0)411 8368 0589
address:42 You Hao Street,(near Mai Kai Le Mall andQing Ni Wa Bridge),Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116001

This is the ideal place for those who adore shopping. Household goods and luxury furniture are sold on the basement level. The jewelry section on the first floor is especially worth mentioning—it is said to be the biggest in Northeast China, providing one-stop shopping for bridal and special occasion jewelry. Just like other shopping centers, this department store stocks cosmetics, food, clothes, shoes, household appliances, timepieces and handicrafts. There is also a large-scale playhouse for kids on the sixth floor.

nearest train: Buses 2, 23, 24, 101, 102, 412 to Qing Ni Wa Bridge Station
open hours: 9am-10pm daily
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