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A Qiang Gruel City
A world of gruel

tel: +86 (0)411 8263 5963
address:3, Yi Min Street, Zhongshan District,Dalian, Liaoning
CN, 116001

Want to have a bowl of gruel? Then stop by this place, where more than 100 varieties of gruel are available for your choice. A bowl of corn gruel costs only CNY1. But a bowl of gruel with edible bird's nest or shark's fin will cost CNY100. Gruel made of vegetables, fruit and seafood are also popular. Besides gruel, the eatery offers various kinds of snacks, refreshments and side dishes. Night snacks and dim sum are also available. With a garden-like environment, the interior is done up in ancient Chinese style. Bronze color dominates the dining hall while the porch is fashioned after the Great Wall.

open hours: 24 hours daily
average cost: 50 CNY

Jin Hai Wan Amusement City
A place for leisure

tel: +86 (0)411 8271 8899
address:76 Lu Xun Road, Zhongshan Disctrict,Dalian, Liaoning, CN

This comprehensive leisure center boasts all kinds of facilities. The first floor is dominated by a 400-square-meter swimming pool, while a Chinese seafood restaurant occupies the third floor. This restaurant is extremely popular, especially on weekends so reservations are a must. A microbrewery that sits on the fourth floor serves freshly brewed beer. Night owls can find a pulsing nightclub on the fifth floor, while visitors can sleep in comfort on the top floor in a 28-room hotel.   

nearest train: Bus 710
open hours: 8am-2am daily

Jun Yue Lai (Greenery) Beer House
A quiet place to sip beer

tel: +86 (0)411 8263 3003
address:Renmin Road, Zhongshan District,(opposite the International Hotel),Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116011

This bar is worth noting only because it may be one of the only such places in Dalian that does not believe that eye-blinding neon lights, loud music, and karaoke are mandatory for having fun. Instead, it offers soft lighting and gentle piano music making it ideal for quiet conversation. Chess games are also supplied making it very popular with chess enthusiasts. The menu features mainly beer and some Western snacks. A bottle of Tsingtao costs CNY20, while a bottle of Carlsberg goes for CNY18.

nearest train: Tramcars: Railway Station to Si Er Guo
open hours: 10am-4am daily
average cost: 80 CNY

Xiang Yue Bar
A bar with oriental charm

tel: +86 (0)411 8263 6379
address: You Yi Square, Zhongshan District,Dalian, Liaoning
CN, 116001

On weekdays, the bar is quiet with a few chess enthusiasts who play to the gentle backdrop of Chinese music. But, on weekends, business picks up and the bar is crowded and noisy with lively performances by professional singers. Decorated in contemporary style, Xiang Yue Bar features black marble, dark red beams and warm lighting. Various brand name watches and car models hang on the walls. A bottle of Tsingtao Beer will cost CNY15. Chinese and Western snacks, such as dumplings and braised beef, are also available.

nearest train: Bus 23, 703
open hours: 9:30am-3am daily
average cost: 50 CNY

Xinyue (Happy Heart) Grand Restaurant
A variety of dining options

tel: +86 (0)411 8280 9000
fax: +86 (0)411 8280 9222
address:No.81 People Road. Zhongshan District,Dalian, Liaoning
CN, 116001

Instead of a restuarant this complex better resembles a massive mall specializng in dining and drinking. Its eating choices are plentiful and include Lujiang Village (Shanghainese dishes), Fisherman's Wharf (seafood), and a reasonably priced Californian Buffet (Western fare). If the mood calls for a spot of afternoon tea wander into the Zonglan Bar. Or for an evening of drinks and live music hunker down at the appropriately named Joyful Time. Or if if you need to sweat off some meals there is even an on-site fitness center.   

nearest train: Buses: No.7,No.710,No.712 at Gangwan Bridge Stop
open hours: 24 Hours daily
average cost: 80 CNY
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