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Proposed project: Flux-Cored Wire Production
BY 2004-03-18 16:21:19
Name of the proposed project: Flux-Cored Wire Production
Description of the proposed project (products,technology and marketing):
The flux-cored wire product is the fourth generation of welding material in the world with high technical content. It is the high-tech product with high adding-value. At present, the developed countries all over the world are widely utilizing flux-cored wire and devoting major efforts of develop and manufacture flux-cored wire. The rate of its utilization is 30%??40% of welding wire. Now in China, the problem of low output and large demand for flux-cored wire can be solved only by importation. It is estimated that in 2003 the quantity of domestic use will be 200,000 tons. So the construction of flux-cored wire production line has wide prospects.
Intended mode of cooperation: (*)Equity joint venture (*)Contractual joint venture (*) Technical introduction (*) Equipment import () Compensation trade (*)Other forms
Total investment : USD 4 millionRegistered capital: USD 2.5 million
Intended duration of cooperation: 15 yearsProjected time for reimbursement: 5 years
Chinese contribution and structure (in US Dollars): -Total: 2.8 million
-Break down: (*) Cash (*) Equipment (*)Technology (*)Buildings (*)Land (*)Others
Foreign Contribution Sought and structure (in USD): -Total: 1.2 million
-Break down: (*)Cash (*)Equipment (*) Technology () Others
Project site: Part of the existing plant
Project progress:
(* ) A detailed project description
( ) Pre-feasibility study
(* ) Feasibility study report
The project is: (* )Encouraged ( )Permitted ( )Restricted by the state
Description of Chinese partner:
Name: Dalian Changcheng Welding Wire Co., Ltd.Address: Changcheng Town, Lushunkou District, Dalian, China
Total Capital : USD 7 millionRegistered capital: USD 3.6 million
Year of Establishment: 28 Sep. , 1992Ownership: Joint venture
Tel: 86-411-6270037/6270297Fax: 86-411-6270243
Post Code: 116049Email:
Land Coverage: 40,000 square metersLand premises: 10,000 square meters
Number of staff: 130Average age: 35
Average monthly salaries: RMB 1,000Number of technical staff: 15
Main products: CO2 gas shield welding wire, submerged-arc welding wireOutput: 7,000t/year

Technological & operational condition(Industrial technology & product sales): Dalian Changcheng Solder Wire Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise specially producing welding wire. It has received ISO9002 attestation of classification certificates of six countries. The products are top-quality and the demand exceeds supply.

Development in the same trade(Including domestic enterprise & enterprise with foreign investment): The domestic enterprises of the same trade have backward equipment and small scale. In recent two years the advanced equipment has started import. Now there are two or three manufacturers beginning to take shape.
Negotiator of the project: Ms. Cui Caifu
Tel: 0086-411- 6611684
Fax: 0086-411-6610206
Email: lushun@dalian-gov.net
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