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Proposed project: Marine Gearbox Manufacturing
BY 2004-03-18 16:20:44
Name of the proposed project: Marine Gearbox Manufacturing
Description of the proposed project (products,technology and marketing):
Dalian Marine Gearbox Factory has a history of more than 50 years. It is a machine-making enterprise with capability of casting, forging, heat treatment reverting & welding, machining, assembling, etc. The Factory possesses 400 sets of advanced production and manufacturing equipment. The main series products of the Factory are marine gear castings, wire-stranding machines, clutches and gear shifting boxes. The Project intends to seek foreign copartners for developing new products and enlarging the market share.
Intended mode of cooperation: (*)Equity joint venture (*)Contractual joint venture (*)Technical introduction () Equipment import () Compensation trade (*)Other forms
Total investment : USD 3 millionRegistered capital: USD 3 million
Intended duration of cooperation: 15 yearsProjected time for reimbursement: 5 years
Chinese contribution and structure (in US Dollars): -Total: 0.6 million
-Break down: () Cash (*)Equipment (*)Technology (*)Buildings (*)Land (*)Others
Foreign Contribution Sought and structure (in USD): -Total: 2.4 million
-Break down: (*)Cash (*)Equipment (*)Technology () Others
Project site: Part of the existing plant
Project progress:
(* ) A detailed project description
( ) Pre-feasibility study
( ) Feasibility study report
The project is: (* )Encouraged ( )Permitted ( )Restricted by the state
Description of Chinese partner:
Name: Dalian Gearbox FactoryAddress: 22, Xiangyang Street, Lushunkou District, Dalian, China
Total Capital : USD 4.81 millionRegistered capital: USD 1.81 million
Year of Establishment: 1946Ownership: Whole People
Tel: 86-411-6610259Fax: 86-411-6613185
Post Code: 116041Email:
Land Coverage: 50,000 square metersLand premises: 20,000 square meters
Number of staff: 430Average age: 43
Average monthly salaries: RMB 800Number of technical staff: 100
Main products: Marine gearbox, wire-stranding machine etc..Output: 2,500 sets/ year

Technological & operational condition(Industrial technology & product sales): The Enterprise is the marine gearbox manufacturer appointed by the State Ministry of Mechanical Industry. It produces marine gearboxes, wire-stranding machines, clutches and gear shifting boxes. These series products have passed ISO-9002 Standard Attestation and reached the advanced level in the country.

Development in the same trade(Including domestic enterprise & enterprise with foreign investment): There are four enterprises of the same trade in the country at the levels close to each other.
Negotiator of the project: Ms. Cui Caifu
Tel: 0086-411- 6611684
Fax: 0086-411-6610206
Email: lushun@dalian-gov.net
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