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Proposed project: Marine Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
BY 2004-03-18 16:19:30
Name of the proposed project: Marine Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
Description of the proposed project (products,technology and marketing):
At present, the marine refrigeration technique in China is only at the international level of the beginning of 1990s and many kinds of equipment should be imported in a great quantity. This Project intends to introduce foreign funds and advanced technology, develop high quality marine refrigerators, auxiliary refrigerating machines, electric control products and air conditioning products on the basis of existing production facilities and technology for further improving the production technique and the quality of products, and satisfying the market demand.
Intended mode of cooperation: (*)Equity joint venture (* )Contractual joint venture() Technical introduction () Equipment import () Compensation trade (*)Other forms
Total investment : USD 4 millionRegistered capital: USD 4 million
Intended duration of cooperation: 20 yearsProjected time for reimbursement: 6 years
Chinese contribution and structure (in US Dollars): -Total: 2 million
-Break down: () Cash (*)Equipment () Technology (*)Buildings (*)Land (*)Others
Foreign Contribution Sought and structure (in USD): -Total: 2 million
-Break down: (*)Cash (*)Equipment (*)Technology () Others
Project site: All the existing plant
Project progress:
(* ) A detailed project description
( ) Pre-feasibility study
( ) Feasibility study report
The project is: (* )Encouraged ( )Permitted ( )Restricted by the state
Description of Chinese partner:
Name: Dalian No.2 Refrigeration FactoryAddress: 28, Wuyi Road, Lushunkou District, Dalian, China
Total Capital : USD 5.8 millionRegistered capital: USD 2.08 million
Year of Establishment: 1953Ownership: Collective
Tel: 86-411-6612919Fax: 86-411-6613497
Post Code: 116041Email:
Land Coverage: 60,000 square metersLand premises: 35,000 square meters
Number of staff: 520Average age: 37
Average monthly salaries: RMB 593Number of technical staff: 33
Main products: Ammonia compressor, pressure container, refrigerator fitting partsOutput: 1,000??1,500 sets/year, 500t/year

Technological & operational condition(Industrial technology & product sales): The technology at present has reached the level of the beginning of 1990s. The domestic annual sales are USD 1.2 million.

Development in the same trade(Including domestic enterprise & enterprise with foreign investment): Now there are less than 10 marine refrigerator manufacturers and part of them are at the technological level of the beginning of 1990s with annual sales of USD 12 million.
Negotiator of the project: Ms. Cui Caifu
Tel: 0086-411- 6611684
Fax: 0086-411-6610206
Email: lushun@dalian-gov.net
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