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Local History & Culture
BY 2004-03-17 15:30:38
Prehistoric Life Museum
Prehistoric journey

tel: +86 (0)411 8466 6550
fax: +86 (0) 411 8466 5534
email: bungee@mail.dlptt.ln.cn
address:West Binhai Road,(Xinghai Park),Dalian, Liaoning,CN

This is the place to go for those interested in learning more about evolution and archeology. The educational journey offers visitors a chance to view prehistoric fossils from the Chengjiang and Yunnan Province. Also on display are some of the earliest flowers and fruits in the world. Some of the fossils include the Chinese dragon bird, Confucian bird, duckbill, Guizhou dinosaur, dinosaur eggs and rare fossils from abroad. Admission: CNY10.

nearest train: Buses 201 or 23 to Xing Hai Park stop
open hours: 8am-5pm daily
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