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Lakes, Rivers, Canals & Beaches
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Bangchuidao Scenic Area
A natural fairyland

tel: +86 (0)411 8289 8834
address:Hai Yang Lane and Hu Tan Street, Zhongshan District
Dalian, Liaoning,CN

This scenic spot lies at the east end of Beach Road. Surrounded by mountains on the north, endless grass, and vast sea and smooth beaches on the south, it is a natural fairyland. Visitors can also view San Sahn Island, misted by dense fog all year round. Here visitors can catch conch, crab and sea slug along the coast. It makes an ideal choice for a summer vacationing spot due to the mild climate, white sand beaches, clear water and gentle waves. Because of its natural beauty, Dalian State Hotel has set up villas on the mountainside with different buildings scattered in the green woods, contributing to the beauty.

Bin Hai Road
Rich in mountains and the sea

tel: None available
address:(runs along the coast south of Dalian),Dalian, Liaoning,CN

Bin Hai Road stretches along Dalian's famous coastline and is a sightseeing must for visitors to the area. The 35-kilometer-long road borders Xing Hai Square in the west and Dong Hai Park in the east. One side of the road features mountainous areas covered with forests while the opposite side reveals the panoramic coastline and sea. Due to the clear, fresh air and the sea, locals have nicknamed the road the "natural oxygen bar." Tourist facilities dot the road, such as Bang Zhui Island, Hu Tan Paradise, Xiu Yue Hotel, Fu Jia Zhuang Outdoor Bathing Place and Hai Tian Bai Yun Hotel.

open hours: 24 hours daily

Changshan Archipelago Excursion
A marine excursion

tel: +86 (0)411 8868 5686
fax: +86 (0)411 8868 2986
email: bdlxs@china.com
address:Da Chang Shan Dao Town, Chang Hai County
Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116500

The Changshan Archipelago is located in the North Yellow Sea, east of Liaodong Pennisula. Consisting of 112 islands, inlets, rocks, shoals and reefs, it constitutes the only island border town of China. Its spectacular unspoiled scenery has attracted visitors in droves. The excursion includes famous attractions such as Sea Stone Forest, Tie Mountain Scenery Spot and the largest seawater desalination factory in Asia. Visitors can also take part in seaside fishing, visiting local villages and a beach bonfire party. Of course, they should not miss out on the fresh seafood. Admission: CNY18

open hours: 8am-10pm daily

Donghai (East Sea) Park
Scenic seaside park

tel: +86 (0)411 8271 8734
address:(northeast stretch of Binhai Road),Dalian, Liaoning
CN, 116000

Founded in 1999 to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Dalian, this seaside park covers over 450 hectares and has a 1,200-meter long coastline. The park is scenically situated on Binhai (Beach) Road, near downtown and Bangchui Island Scenery Spot. It is dotted with numerous sculptures, and there is even a huge and conspicuous sculpture deemed as the symbol of the park. A trail named "Eighteen Windings" twists and turns, providing a physical challenge for visitors. Another interesting must-see is the "Weird Slope."

open hours: 8am-9pm daily

Fairy Lake
Seaside fishing lake

tel: +86 (0)411 8868 5686; +84 (0)411 8430 6253
address:Guang Lu Island, Chang Hai County,Dalian, Liaoning,CN

Set right next to the coast, the renowned Fairy Lake is set off by the magnificence of the sea, giving it an especially petite and charming appearance. When it is windless, the surface of the lake is like an unpolished mirror, reflecting the undulating contour of the hills around its edge, like the coiffure of a fairy. What makes fishing at Fairy Lake different from elsewhere is that when you face towards the lake, freshwater fish like silver carp rise to your bait. However, when you cast the fishing line seaward, your captives will include saltwater species. Admission: CNY4.

open hours: noon-midnight daily

Fujiazhuang Park
Favorite spot for fun in the sun

tel: none available
address:Binhai Road (Beach Road), Xigang District,Dalian, Liaoning,CN,

This eye-pleaser is but five kilometers from the center of Dalian, making it the ultimate city escape. Fujiazhuang features a massive beach flanked by high slopes and tablelands in the east and west. Besides the will-you-look-at-that beautiful scenery, this area also boasts several wooded trails for serene strolls. Ten resorts and a Tourist Service Center add even more to its appeal factor. It the fourth largest public beach in Dalian and a popular place for boating and fishing as well as sunning and swimming. Admission: CNY2.

nearest train: Buses 501, 401, 702 to Fujiazhuang stop
open hours: dawn to dusk daily

Golden Pebble Beach
Dalian' great beach escape

tel: +86 (0)411 8661 0172
address:Huangjin Street, Lushun District
Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116013

Dalian's Golden Pebble Beach is one of Mother Nature's better creations. Between the mind-calming union of sparkling white sand with gently lapping waves and a background of lush green hills it is easy to comprehend why locals flock to this beach. Besides swimming and sunbathing, the surrounding area also offers plenty of fishing perches and boating opportunities. In addition, hiking around, you will discover numerous fascinating rock formations. A nearby promenade features fast-food stores and array of trinket and beach shops, which add to the area's appeal.

open hours: 24 hours daily

Sanshan Island
Holiday paradise on the islands

tel: +86 (0)411 8272 0305
fax: +86 (0) 411 8272 0305
email: Sanshandaodujiaqu@163.net
address:(6.7 nautical miles east off Zhongshan District)
Dalian, Liaoning,CN

Made up of three islands, Sanshan Island covers 3.32 square kilometers and has a rocky coastline that traverses brilliantly colored landscapes. Due to its superior location, the island is not only abundantly blessed with ocean resources, but also unspoiled retreats. Summer is, of course, the ideal season to spend your holidays here. The island features numerous summertime activities such as a fishing festival, a seafood delicacy festival, an outdoor beach party and frequent fashion shows that enliven the tranquil waterfront.

nearest train: By boat from Xing Hai Wan, within 30-minute reach form Lao Hu Tan.
open hours: Noon-midnight daily
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