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Dalian Spring Festival Fireworks Affairs
BY 2004-03-15 15:36:39

Like Christmas to westerners, Spring Festival is the most important fiesta for Chinese. Many celebrations following different customs are held to mark the day, among them setting off fireworks and firecrackers is a common way and is believed to be able to break the darkness and scare away demons and bad luck...

If you tend to get to know the Chinese world, you might as well come to attend the gathering held here in Xinghai Square, usually from Jan. 2 to 7 in Chinese lunar calendar, and in mid February by the Gregorian calendar -- remember that it''s probably the only one of its kind still being observed in China -- in most of the other cities, this traditional festive way has been banned under the banner of environmental protection.

At the venue visitors can as well taste a variety of snacks, see cartoon movies, watch model or acrobatics shows, or immerse themselves in a bustling fair.

The splendid Dalian Spring Festival Fireworks Fair stared in 1997. The beautiful colorful fireworks in the sky represent the common wishes of our friends home and abroad-more profund friendship and a better future.

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