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Traffic port
BY 2004-03-10 17:07:21

[ Communications and Transportation ]
In 2002, the different transportation means commodity turnovers achieved 802.2 hundred million ton kilometre,increased by 4% than the previous year?Among it ,133.4 hundred million ton kilometre were achieved on the railroad ,increased by 3.6 %;36.9 hundred million ton kilometre on the road ,increased by 6.1%;Water transport 625.9 hundred million ton kilometre,increased by 4.1 %;Aviation 0.5 hundred million ton kilometre ,increased by 1.5%;5.5 hundred million ton kilometre in the piping ,dropped by 11%.The turnover completed of traveller's reaches 92.9 hundred million man kilometer ,rised by 5.9% .

Among it ,37.6 hundred million man kilometer on the railroad ,increased by 2.2 %;2900 million man kilometer on the road,increased by 6%;Water transport 8.3 hundred million man kilometer ,increased by 4.3%;Aviation 17.9 hundred million man kilometer ,increased by 15.5% .Littoral 1.12 hundred million tons of commodity throughput at the Dalian harbor,increased by 6.4% than the previous year.

In it, the external trade commodity throughput increased by 24.6% ;The container throughput is 135.2 ten thousand at harbor,increased by 11.1%.Littoral harbor travelers’throughput is 787.6 ten thousand,increased by 2.7%.In DaLian Zhou Shuizi Airport, traveller's throughput is 333.5 ten thousand,increased by 8.8 %;Mail throughput of the commodity completed is 9.3 ten thousand tons,increased by 16.8%.Two new international air routes have been explored from DaLian to the Dunhuang Caves and Xilinhaote.The common inside routes of 3 hoop Bohai Sea have also been explored,making transfers between Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin and other domestic main ports possible.

[International Routes]
The air passenger transport routes between DaLian and Ming Guwu,and DaLian till West Siberia and the full day freight transport flight liner in the air till Tokyo have all been under use.Up to end of the year ,air-seaport international routes reach up to 14.

The container liner route between and Europe and DaLian to Pingze of Korea sea passenger transport route have also been under use, with the airplane between Dalian and Renchuan added. Up to end of the year ,The DaLian seaport have9 container ocean artery in all,36 near-ocean route ,6 inside routes for export and import, 8 for domestic trade. And there are over 240 flight number per month on average.


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