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· Dalian awarded National Civilized City for 3rd time
· Most innovative cities on Chinese mainland
· Dalian ranked in the list of World's Most Liveable Cities
· Dalian wins Best City of Exhibition Award
· Dalian prized as Eco-City in China
· Dalian wins China’s Top Ten Attractive Conference Cities
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· Dalian BEST City inaugurated
The inauguration of Dalian BEST (Biodiverse Science and Technology) City is held June 15 in Dalian....[Into]
· Summer Davos 2011
The Fifth Summer Davos was held in the coastal city of Dalian, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province, September 14 to 16, 2011....[Into]
· Summer Camp for Russian Teenagers
Russian students kicked off their seven-day tour in Dalian on August 3....[Into]
· CISIS 2011 kicks off in June
· CHINAOCS 2011 kicks off
· World DNA and Genome Day unveils
· Dalian•China Economic Forum opens in May
· 4th Session of 14th Dalian People's Congress opens
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· Dalian Int'l Beach Culture Festival
Dalian International Beach Culture Festival 2011 was held at Dalian Godden Pebble Beach this year....[Into]
· Hotspring and Ski Festival
The Dalian (Anbo) Int'l Hotspring and Ski Festival 2011 will kick off in Dalian, a port city of Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, December 16, 2011....[Into]
· Dalian Int'l Fashion Festival 2011
The 22nd Dalian International Fashion Festival unveils in Dalian, September 3 to 8, 2011...[Into]
· China Int'l Beer Festival 2011
More than 400 different brands of beer are exhibited in numerous tents at Xinghai Square during the beer festival in Dalian....[Into]
· Dalian Int'l Cherry Festival
Dalian International Cherry Festival kicks off at Jinzhou New District in Dalian on June 6....[Into]
· Spring shopping festival unveils at Xinghai Bay
· Dalian Sophora Japonica Festival unveils in May
· Dalian Tianjin Street Food Festival opens
· Dalian Int'l Winter Swimming Festival opens
· 9th Dalian Int'l Walking Festival kicks off
World's Top 500 settle Puwan New Area
Living 'IT' up
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· Major projects in full swing at Xigang district
· Construction on ORIX's China headquarter commenced
· First LNG carrier berthed at Dalian LNG jetty
· Construction on Dalian Xianglujiao Logistics Transportation Center finished
· Foreign investors eye Dalian Best City
· American Business in China set chapter on Dalian
· Japan dealers eye Dalian Import and Export Fair
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· Dalian receives 121,000 inbound tourists in October
· Construction on six walking lanes for fitness to be finished in November
· Sightseeing buses receive over 20,000 tourists this year
· Diamond Princess with 2,600 American tourists visit Dalian
· Experience human flight in Dalian
· Dalian to open four tourist routes on the sea
· Cruise ship Silver Shadow berths at Dalian Port
· 680 international tourists start one-day tour in Dalian
Picturesque scenery of Fujiazhuang Park
American luxury cruise visits Dalian
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· New projects start construction
New projects including a science and technology museum, a historical museum and a library started the construction....[Into]
· New libraries for children set up
The city has invested 15 million yuan in setting up a total of 40 sub-libraries for children up till now....[Into]
· School buses for students
A total of five school buses and 18 large buses bought by Dalian Public Transportation Group were put into operation....[Into]
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Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway line to open next July
Fast rail interval reduced to 3 minutes
· Local subway due for operation in 2014
· Construction on Changshan Bridge in full swing
· Flyover across West Passage to open to traffic
· China Airlines opens direct flight from Taipei to Dalian
· China Southern Airlines to open 34 new air routes
· No.202 rail line to extend to New Port at Lvshun
· Dalian New Railway Station to open to traffic at year end
· Jinzhou Bridge to open to traffic this July
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· Soccer fans see off Ahn Jung-Hwan at airport
Ahn Jung-Hwan with his family waves to football fans after his last match as a foreign aid playing for Dalian club....[Into]
· Bicycles riding activity
Over one thousand bicycle sport lovers ride their bikes along Binhai Road in Dalian....[Into]