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Video|Welcome Home!
BY 2020-03-31 09:19:05

(DALIANNEWS)- It is a video specially designed for medical workers of Dalian medical team, who are heroes in harm's way. The anti-epidemic heroes without fear and death to fight against the COVID-19 in Wuhan, and came back home safe after completing their mission. Let's salute to the heroes in harm's way.

Welcome Home!

This place 

will never be an empty city.

Our wills unite like a fortress.

Every little man's words and deeds

will eventually merge into 

the torrent of the great age.

Maybe you don't have time

to show your original aspiration,

but the world will see your heart!

With you, the city recovers.

Many thanks to 

each brave hero in harm's way.

Heroes return. All come back.

We care for you 

when you fight for our country.

The city is illuminated

when you make a triumphant return.

Applause for you,

and the city lights up for you.

The frontline fighters 

in battle against the epidemic

deserve to be treated like heroes!

When we find back the courage,

the city will recover.

Believe in dream-making Dalian,

More to believe in Dalianers

who have always been chasing dreams.

Everyone is creating his own 2020.

This is our city.

This is our home.

Different road to the same home.

We are lucky that no one is missing.

We are relieved that everyone comes back.

My dear,

welcome home!

(video by Pei Ying, written by Grace)

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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