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Suggestions for Shopping in Supermarkets
BY 2020-03-13 13:43:46

(DALIANNEWS)- Although we strongly recommend people to reduce outing activities during the period of prevention and control of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19), many people have to buy food for their family. Today we will give you some suggestions for shopping in supermarkets, which can reduce the risk of getting infected. Let's have a look.

1. We strongly recommend young people with strong immunity in the family to go out, and the elderly, children and other people with weak immunity to stay indoors.

2. When heading out for shopping, you must wear a face mask correctly, and try not to take public transport. Walk, ride a bike or drive your own car is strongly recommended.  

3. Choose the shopping malls and supermarkets with good ventilation and relatively less people flow. Avoid crowds and busy time for the supermarkets. Avoid taking elevator.

4. Before entering the supermarket, please cooperate with the staff consciously to check your body temperature. You must wear a face mask and pass the body temperature check before being allowed in.

5. Make a shopping list before going to the supermarket. Reduce the shopping time, and don’t stroll and chat in the supermarket.

6. When selecting goods in the supermarket, please keep a distance of one meter at least from others. You should also try to keep a personal distance when you line up to check out. 

7. Try to use Wechat pay, Alipay or other non-cash mobile payments to reduce checkout time and unnecessary pollution of touching the money.

8. Please buy enough goods at a time, and reduce the frequency of purchase from the supermarket.

9. Wash your hands with flowing water and soap immediately after you go home. You can get rid of the packaging bag of the items, or spray disinfectant on the surface of the packaging bag before taking items out. The purchased food must be thoroughly cooked before it can be eaten. Fruits and vegetables must be cleaned, and special cleaning agent can be used if necessary.

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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