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"Dalian is my home right now and we will just ride it out!"
BY 2020-03-04 15:44:13

(DALIANNEWS)- "Dalian is my home right now, and I can't lose it. I am confident that we will just ride it out.", said Toni Mead from America, who stays here in Dalian with her husband and three sons during the epidemic outbreak. 

Toni Mead's family

Toni Mead arrived in Dalian Jinpu New Area two years ago with her husband. Her family has experienced many beautiful things in China and decide to settle down here. However, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic disrupts the normal pace of this family.   

"At the beginning of the epidemic, I've heard some travel restrictions and suspended flights, and some countries even evacuate their own nationals from China, which make me feel a little bit panic.", Toni expressed her inner struggle and hesitation at the beginning of the epidemic.    

"We have canceled our trip to Harbin. What makes us worried most is that because of the language barrier, we often rely on translation software to translate all kinds of related information, which makes me feel that the information I’ve got is neither first-hand, nor reliable and timely. We are afraid of being the last one to know the news, or even being forgotten in the worst of times.", Toni added.

However, Toni and her family finally decide to stay here despite some earlier worries. "During the past two years, people in Dalian have accepted us with sincerity. We have made up our mind to live in China for a long time. Our home is here, and home is the safest place. ", said Toni. "Now my family is very glad to have made the right choice."

Toni Mead 

"The city's government has released information timely and accurately after the epidemic, and specially launched an information platform for our foreigners, releasing information in Chinese, Japanese, English and South Korean. It helps us a lot to get the timely information and get through this period smoothly.", said Toni. 

She also expressed that through the transparent information, Chinese government is doing its best to protect all the people, both Chinese and foreigners. Therefore, she would be very angry when she saw someone from abroad make unfair comments on China due to the epidemic.

"In our community, we have a special person to help us get face masks and disinfectants. With sufficient food, water and reliable medical support, we can feel the deep love and care all the time. ", said Toni.

Toni's family lived in Somerset Grand Central Dalian at Jinpu New Area, together with over 200 expats in Dalian. During the fight against the COVID-19, strict measures including body temperature check and disinfection are also taken here. The staff of the property management company also provides services including the centralized purchases of food and daily necessities for the residents here.

"Stay strong, China" has almost become Toni and her children's favorite expression now. "Through this difficult time, I find out that I love Dalian and China more than ever before. I am confident that we will overcome the epidemic as soon as possible and Dalian will have a better future. ", said Toni.

photo by Pu Weiqiang, Toni Mead

source from Dalian Daily

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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