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Summer Davos 2019 Recruits Volunteers
BY 2019-02-25 10:45:00

(DALIANNEWS)- The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2019, also known as the Summer Davos 2019, will take place in Dalian at the end of June or early July this year. 

The Communist Youth League Dalian Committee and Dalian Youth Volunteers Association will openly recruit more than 400 young volunteers from now on to serve the conference during the preparation and hosting of the meeting.

Volunteers vow to take part in the Summer Davos in Dalian. (File Photo)

According to the principle of excellent selection, college graduate and postgraduate students will be recruited, who are over 18 years old with good political quality, strong organizational discipline, punctual quality, conscientious work attitude, willing to obey post arrangements, good communication skills, high foreign language proficiency and good image. Volunteers who have experiences in volunteering for large-scale events will be preferred.

Foreign Language Requirements:

A.Proficient in English

B.Excellent written translation, interpretation and communication skills

Priority is given to volunteers who are proficient in two or more foreign languages, especially in both English and French. 

Volunteers are required to work full time during the work period, which is expected to be at the end of June or early July, and some need to work in advance. The forum will issue service certificates for volunteers who will finish the service work, and the subsidy will be based on the actual work days of each volunteer. Apart from that, volunteers should arrange their own accommodation during their service period, and the organizing committee does not provide volunteer accommodation.

Applicants should fill in the registration information form truthfully, check the e-mail interview notice in time, and attend the interview on time according to the interview venue and time period selected at the time of registration. (Failure to reach the time limit is regarded as automatic abandonment of interview qualification and no additional interview time wil be arranged.)

The registration dealine will be February 28, and the interview time will be from March 3 to 16.

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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