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China Southern Airlines Dalian Branch to Operate 4,088 Flights during Spring Festival Travel Rush
BY 2019-01-16 09:07:34

(DALIANNEWS)- The Spring Festival travel rush, also known as Chunyun in Chinese, will start from January 21 this year. 

Passengers check in at the airport of Dalian.

During this period, China Southern Airlines Dalian branch is scheduled to put in the transport capacity of 25 planes at Dalian airport, an increase of three planes than that of the previous year; the total number of the static seats will reach 4,069, up 13.34 percent; it is also expected to operate 4,088 inbound and outbound flights, increasing 6.3 percent, with an expected of over 610,000 passengers.

The passenger flow peak will fall from January 31 to February 3 before the Spring Festival, and from February 8 to 12 after the Spring Festival.

According to the report, China Southern Airlines Dalian branch is due to carry out 500 flights in terms of the international and regional air routes, an increase of 19 percent than that of the previous year.

Flights between Dalian and Toyama, and Dalian and Osaka, Japan, will be intensified during this period. Apart from that, China Southern Airlines Dalian branch will adjust the airplane to larger Airbus A320 on the air routes to Nagoya and Osaka, Japan from February 1 to 28 this year.

For the domestic air routes, China Southern Airlines Dalian branch will also focus on optimizing the transport capacity to the hot tourist destinations in Hainan province, cities in Northeast China with relatively concentrated family visits, South-central China and Eastern China routes with relatively large returning passenger flows, as well as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen routes with dense business passenger flows.

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