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Video| Enjoy a Day's Adventure at Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park
BY 2018-08-30 10:50:00

(DALIANNEWS)- If you are a fan of ocean themed park, then you are in luck! Today we will introduce you the city's famous 5A national tourist attraction—Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park, where you can enjoy a day's adventure for family with charming sea views, lovely marine animals and their wonderful performances. Let's start our fantastic journey!

Located in the National Scenic Area—the central area of the south coast in Dalian, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park covers an area of 1.18 million square meters, with a more than 4000 meters long and tortuous coastline. Inside the park, the gorgeous seaside scenery comprises of hills and stones framed by an azure sky and sea. 

Besides these attractive natural sceneries, there are many highlights in the park, including Pole Aquarium, Marine Mammal World, Coral Hall, Carved Tigers Square, Bird-Singing Woods and the cross-sea cableway. 

Pole Aquarium and Marine Mammal World

Here you can not only see animals like beluga whales, sea otters and sea elephant and diving duck that present their first show in China, but also cute dolphins, lovely penguins, polar bears and so on. By the way, you can also experience the freezing cold and the polar lights in this polar environment.

The Ocean Theater is a tourist must with 2000 seats, where animal stars give brilliant performance every day such as the gentle beluga kissing people and the dolphins'  acrobatic display to music. All of these transport you into the magical kingdom that is ocean world and taste the animals getting on harmony with human beings. 

The Fun & Game Theater, another animal performance place, is the first one in China that presents ocean animal's shows with funny story. When the show starts, the ocean animal stars such as sea lions, walrus and sea otters will tell you a romantic humorous fairy tale with their respective body language in delightful music.

Coral Hall

The Coral Hall, where exhibits coral reef fauna with over 5,000 marine life-forms of more than 200 species. The Hall has 6 sections, namely, Selected Coral and Coral Fishes Section, Underwater Kaleidoscope, Sealab, Seeking Treasures over a Sunken Ship, Animal Knowledge Gallery, and Diving Show Ground. In the underwater performing ground, splendid programs such as water-ballet, sea-maid shows, and dreamlike underwater wedding shows are offered.

Carved Tigers Square

In the Carved Tigers Square, lies the stone-carved tigers, the largest group of granite-carved animals in China. It is the symbol of Laohutan Ocean Park. The sculpture is designed by Chinese famous painter and sculptor - Mr. Han Meilin. Heading eastward, the six tigers are all different in shapes and sizes. They roar into the wind expressing their power as the King of Beasts.

Bird-Singing Woods

In the Bird-Singing Woods, you can see different birds including blue and white peacocks, red-crowned cranes, storks, flamingos and egrets. It will be a great pleasure to stroll in the garden and enjoy nature with birds. The Bird-Singing Woods is the earliest artificial bird garden with semi-natural environment in China with an area of 45,000 square meters. It collects over 2,000 rare birds of more than 80 species. Different kinds of bird shows are offered here everyday.

Cross-sea Cableway

Sitting inside the cable car, you may get a best aerial view of the park. The cross-sea cableway is 600 meters long and 45 meters high above the water. There are 12 cable cars of 4 groups, having a capacity of transporting 450 passengers per hour unilaterally. It connects the scenic spots from the east to the west, and ensures all passengers get a best aerial view of the park. 

As a modern ocean topic park, Laohutan Ocean Park not only shows the beach town scenery, but also for entertainment, science, shopping and culture. In this article, we just present you some fantastic scenic spots here, and more amazing places still waiting for you to explore. 

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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