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Top 10 Summer Resorts in Dalian Revealed
BY 2018-07-25 08:43:51

(DALIANNEWS)- Summer comes! You are probably thinking about the best places to beat the heat. Today we have wrapped up top 10 summer resorts perfect to visit during the sizzling summer season in Dalian. 

The top 10 list is:

1.Musical Fountain at Donggang CBD, People's Square and Xinghai Square

2.Dalian Xijiao National Forest Park

3.Qianguan Wetland

4.Sanhuan Ranch

5.Ziyun Huaxi Lavender Manor

6.Laotieshan Mountain 

7.Tianmenshan Mountain 

8.Islands in Dalian

9.Bingyu Valley

10.Buyunshan Mountain Water Rafting 

The following pictures show some views of the summer resorts in Dalian.

Dalian Xijiao National Forest Park

Qianguan Wetland

Ziyun Huaxi Lavender Manor

Bingyu Valley

Islands in Dalian

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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