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Dai Snack Street: Paradise for Foodies
BY 2018-06-29 09:02:22


 (DALIANNEWS)- When you travel in the port city of Dalian, you can't miss out "Dai Street" , which is a quite popular snack street on the Internet.  

You may probably get curious about the name of this street, but for the locals, it is just a common saying that can be understood easily, because the local pronounciation of "Dai" is the same as the meaning of "eating" in English.

Located near Erqi Square in Dalian, "Dai Street" offers foodies a choice of tasting various snacks from different places. Here you may find local snacks such as seafood and Menzi, as well as Changsha stinky tofu, Yunnan rice noodles, colorful fried yogurt, Sichuan spicy food, milky tea, omelete rice and so on. The price is not expensive, but the taste is very delicious. 

Licking your lips, you must have found the real delicacies here.

The brand new snack street decorated with Chinese traditional elements including colorful paper umbrellas, red lanterns and snack stalls remolded after the traditional architectural styles, attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad everyday. When night falls, the street is always bustling with people who would like to enjoy delicious food while taking nice pictures.

(photo and video by Xie Pengyuan, Zhao Yutong, Liang Kunhong and Gao Dianwei)

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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