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Night Views in Dalian
BY 2018-05-25 07:15:00


(DALIANNEWS)- When the night falls, colorful lights decorate the coastal city of Dalian as a fairy world. The following video produced by students of Dalian University of Foreign Languages will show you the amazing night views in Dalian. Please enjoy it!  

The night view of Xinghai Square is very famous in Dalian. Local residents and tourists prefer to go there for running, feeding the seagull, or standing by the seaside and enjoying the sea breeze. When the night falls, lights gradually brighten up the whole square. The cross-sea bridge changes into different colors, adding a fantastic charm to the city in the dark.


Beside Xinghai Square, there is a small amusement park. There are interesting little trains, merry go round... Here you can fully find your innocence.


Donggang is also a famous place to see beautiful night view. People can enjoy the music fountain here and other different night views. Dalian International Conference Center constantly changes its colors along with melodious music. Trees on both sides of the road are also decorated with colorful lights.


Next to Donggang is Dalian’s Venice Water Town, where you can choose to rent an exquisite gondola on the water to appreciate the beautiful night view here. The dim lights and buildings on both sides of the canal make you seem to travel in Venice, Italy.   (video, photo&written by Xie Qingfa, Zhao Yutong, Liang Kunhong, Gao Dianwei, Yu Danming)

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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