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Grain Buds
BY 2018-05-22 07:53:46

(DALIANNEWS)- Grain Buds, the 8th solar term of a year, begins on May 21 this year. Grain Buds is the second term in summer. During this period, the seeds from the grain are becoming full but are not ripe. 

There are lots of things we can do during the “Grain Buds” period.


Sacrifice to Waterwheel Deity

It's an ancient custom in some rural areas during this period. According to the folklores, the waterwheel god is a dragon. People put fishes and candles on the waterwheel during the worship and it's interesting that people also pour a cup of water on the farm to wish for good luck.

Celebrating Silkworm Deity Birthday

Grain Buds has been regarded as the birth of the silkworm deity so that there is a silkworm festival in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces during this time. People who engage in the silk industry thank the deity by offering sacrifices and staging performances. They pray to the deity for blessings and a boom season for the silk business.

Eating Herb of Common Sow Thistle

Grain Buds is a season for eating the herb of the common sow thistle, which is one of the earliest edible potherbs in China. It tastes a little bitter and sweet, fresh and tasty, cool and soft, with various nutritions such as vitamins, minerals, choline, riboflavin, sugar and mannitol, which can clear away the heat and toxic materials.

(Editor:Grace, Li Zhaoqi) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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