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Have a Date with Lushun 203 Cherry Blossom Park!
BY 2018-05-07 07:58:43


(DALIANNEWS)- We are embracing the most beautiful time of the year when flowers of different varieties are in full bloom in May.

The wonderful views of cherry blossoms are captured at Lushun 203 Cherry Blossom Park.

There is an old saying “seven-day cherry blossoms”, which means that a cherry blossom only lasts seven days from opening to withering. A cherry tree experiences its flower season just within 20 days. The cherry blossom season is short, making it precious for many flower lovers.

When the night falls, the cherry blossoms under the dazzling lights decorate the park into a fairyland.

Spring is a great time to enjoy the flowers. Why not go outside and date with the beautiful cherry blossoms? Let’s do it now!

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