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Start of Summer
BY 2018-05-07 07:30:56

(DALIANNEWS)- The Start of Summer, the 7th solar term of the year, begins on May 5 and ends on May 20 this year. It is the first solar term in summer, symbolizing the transition of seasons. 

People often regard the Start of Summer as an important solar term when temperature begins to rise, thunderstorm becomes more frequent and crops’ growth enters the peak season. Crops which were sowed in spring are ready to be harvested in the summer. 


Colorful Rice

On that day, people in many parts of the south of China will use red beans, soy beans, green beans, black beans and mung beans mixing with white japonica rice to cook "five-colored rice", commonly known as the Start of Summer rice.

Egg Competitions

Children will put eggs in bags and hang them on their necks. People regard the cusp of an egg as the head and the other side as the tail. During the competition, they let the pointed end of an egg collide with their rival's and those whose egg is not broken wins.

Checking One’s Weight

The custom of weighing people at the Start of Summer, originated from the Three Kingdoms Period, prevails in the south of China today. It's said that if someone weighs himself on that day, he would stay healthy and have good luck in the summer. 

Eating Eggs

There is an old saying that eating eggs at the Start of Summer could help people keeping away from summer disease. In ancient China, people thought that round eggs symbolized satisfactory lives and eating them could pray for peace.

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