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Dalian's 5 Best Locations for Spring Outing
BY 2018-04-04 12:29:32

(DALIANNEWS)- Spring comes, and everything comes back to life. Why not spare a day to go for an outing and experience life close to nature in this beautiful season? Here we recommend you to visit the following popular destinations in Dalian where you could take exercise to refresh yourself, breath fresh air and see the beautiful scenery.

Let's go outing in spring!

Binhai Road

Binhai Road is totally 32 kilometers running through 12 scenic spots along the coastline. It is one of the best roads for tourists to visit. You can drive on this road or walk on the wooden footway, enjoying spectacular sea views with sea waves rolling against the rocks and seagulls flying over the sea. The other side of Binhai Road also provides a nice view for tourists with mountains full of beautiful flowers and trees.



A:Take bus No.18, No.22, No. 23, No. 37, No.202, No. 406, No.531, get off at Xinghai Square Station.

B: Take bus No 2, No.4, No. 30, No. 403, No.404, get off at Tiger Beach Station

C. Sightseeing Bus

Tourists can also take the sightseeing bus at train station to Binhai Road.


The sightseeing bus runs only from mid-April to the end of October. Tourists can get on and off at any stop in the middle of the way. The ticket price is 20 yuan per person.


Dalian Xijiao National Forest Park

Dalian Xijiao National Forest Park abounds with a large number of natural landscape and humanity landscape. It is not far from the downtown area, so many city dwellers prefer to go picniking here.

Tourists may choose to walk on the wooden footway to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are trees, streams, lakes and waterwheels in the park. Especially the sea of flowers in spring and summer, it's really charming. It is a wonderful place for people to go hiking and climbing on weekends.


Take bus No.535 at Malan Square Station and get off at Tangligou Station

Take bus No.705 and get off at Tangligou Station


Bangchuidao Scenic Area

Located in the east of Binhai Road, Bangchuidao Scenic Area with its marvelous sceneries of hills, sea, islets and beach is a famous seashore resort for tourists from home and abroad. Here is also one of the best places to enjoy the splendid views of sunrise and sunset.


A: Take bus No.712, get off at Dangdai Company Station, then walk about 20 minutes to the scenic area

B: Take bus No.30, get off at Yingbing Road Station, then walk about 30 minutes to the scenic area

C: Take bus No.404 or No.703, get off at Cuiping Street Station, then walk to the scenic area


Silverstone National Forest Park

Located in Zhuanghe, a county-level city of Dalian, Silverstone National Forest Park offers tranquility for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle in urban areas. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive to this quiet park which is surrounded by a total of nine hills.

You may enjoy the hotspring while appreciating the beautiful natural sceneries here. From late April to early May every year, the blooming azaleas grow all over the mountains in this park, attracting lots of domestic and overseas tourists.



About 2.5 hours drive on the highway to Zhuanghe East Exit, then drive northward to Xiema Mountain


Lotus Hill

It is a good place for tourists to climb mountain in the downtown area of Dalian. The main peak of the Lotus Hill is located at Xishan Lansheng which is the highest point to admire the city’s scenery.

Here you can see Port of Dalian, Dalian Bay and and Jinzhou Bay in the northeast, Xinghai Bay in the southwest, as well as Fujiazhuang Coastline and Sea-cross Bridge in Southeast. The twisted Haibin Road stretching from east to west and scattered islands in the sea are also wonderful views for visitors on the top of the Lotus Hill.


A: Take bus No.27 or No.18, get off at Futures Building Station

B: Take bus No.16, get off at Convention and Exhibition Center Station

C: Take the bus No.14, get off at Nandating Station, then walk to the scenic spot

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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