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Dalian increases 13.26 bln US dollars in contractual foreign investment from Jan. to Jun.
BY 2017-07-26 13:03:37

(DALIANNEWS)- Dalian foreign trade bureau and statistics bureau announced on Tuesday that the city of Dalian approved a total of 90 foreign-invested enterprises with newly-increased contractual foreign investment of 13.26 billion US dollars in the first half of this year, increasing 3.2 times than that of the previous year. During this period, the actually utilized foreign capital grew up by 14.7 percent to 2.1 billion US dollars.

From January to June this year, the city approved nine foreign-invested companies in manufacturing industry, up 12.5 percent, with newly-increased contractual foreign investment of 1.04 billion US dollars, up 56.4 percent. The foreign investment in actual use hit one billion US dollars, increasing 48.9 percent and accounting for 47.8 percent of the city’s total amount.

The foreign businessmen took the individual proprietorship as their major investment in the first half of this year. The city approved 52 wholly foreign-owned enterprises, occupying 57.8 percent of the total amount, with newly-increased contractual foreign investment of 8.12 billion US dollars, increasing 5.1 times and taking 61.2 percent of the total. The actually utilized foreign capital reached 1.58 billion US dollars, up 46.3 percent, and accounting for 75.3 percent of the total sum.

Apart from that, Hong Kong set up 16 companies in Dalian during this period, up 23.1 percent, with newly-increased contractual investment of 8.06 billion US dollars, increasing 7.7 times. Its actual investment achieved 1.08 billion US dollars, up 17.9 percent and occupying 51.3 percent of the total amount in Dalian.

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