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ChinaOCS 2017 opens in Dalian
BY 2017-07-07 08:05:13

(DALIANNEWS)- China Overseas Chinese Scholars Summit 2017, also known as ChinaOCS 2017, is due to be held at Dalian World Expo Center, July 7 to 9, 2017.

The ChinaOCS 2017 will focus on innovation-driven developments in personnel introduction, transformation of scientific and technological achievements as well as sci-tech finance boost.

The event will mainly invite a total of 200 domestic and overseas high-level entrepreneurial talents carrying different projects, 300 overseas students with the intention of starting their careers in China, 2,000 overseas professionals, incubator representatives, domestic governmental agencies and enterprises and institutions, as well as 100 financial institutions from home and abroad.

The black technology from Silicon valley, the USA, will be showcased during the event, and Cheng Gengdong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will deliver a keynote speech.

Apart from that, a total of 22 roadshows on 240 high-quality projects in 11 different fields such as sci-tech and culture convergence, 3R and simulation, telecommunication, cloud computing, big data, testing, AI, integrated circuit and industry design, new energy, new materials, bio-science, navigation will highlight the event this year.

A total of 487 overseas students from 27 countries including America, Japan, Britain, Canada, Australia and Germany have signed up for the ChinaOCS 2017 up till now. Among them, over 51 percent of them obtain doctor's degrees, 40 percent obtain the master's degrees, and 347 students have registered for the project roadshows.

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