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First big data exchange platform in Northeast China established
BY 2017-06-29 18:29:21

(DALIANNEWS)- During the Summer Davos 2017, Wang Chuanping, Chairman and President of ITL, declared that in this year's Summer Davos, ITL focused on Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As the first big data exchange advisory platform, ITL links up "information islands" between enterprises, government departments and enterprises, achieving the goal of increasing revenue and saving money by using big data. China as the second economy on the global scale, the biggest trading state, big data has its significant influence. So, how to make full use of this advantage? He considered that the key is to training talents.

Picture taken on June 29, 2017 shows that Wang Chuanping has an interview during the Summer Davos 2017.
Picture taken on June 29, 2017 shows a photo of Wang Chuanping and Runsky reporter during the Summer Davos 2017.
In Summer Davos 2017, Wang Chuanping said that apart from cooperating with universities in Dalian, establishing talents training base, ITL also aims at making talents grow stronger in Dalian. ITL aims at being a leading enterprise in Dalian in the era of big data. Dalian is an extroverted, open and international city, therefore, he is optimistic about the future development of this platform.

(Editor:Yuan Yingying,Li Zhaoqi) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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