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Ten highlights to make debut during Summer Davos 2017
BY 2017-06-05 10:27:20

(DALIANNEWS)- The preparatory work of the Summer Davos 2017 has entered the final sprint phrase at present, according to the office of Summer Davos 2017 in Dalian on Sunday.

A total of ten highlights will make their debut during the three-day meeting from June 27 to 29 this year.

According to the report, it is the first time for the meeting to attract more than 2,000 registered participators. The number of the participators sees a historic high this year.

The meeting will add Chinese traditional medicine, tea art and Beijing Opera to the sessions and also organize traditional culture tour for the participators, making them to experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Local citizens born in different times will be selected to take part in the meeting for the first time, sharing their connections with Summer Davos through different angles.

A haze purification tower will be exhibited outside the meeting venue for the first time this year, and a float parade performed by Dalian Discoveryland Theme Park will also appear during the cultural dinner.

The online car-hailing service has been recruited and new media technology will also be adopted for the first time this year.

A total of six local entrepreneurs will become the spokemen of Dalian City for the first time, displaying the development potential of the city’s new champion companies.

Apart from that, the cultural dinner will also be live telecasted for the first time.

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