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Dalian confers "Xinghai Friendship Award" 2016 to 20 foreign experts
BY 2017-04-26 10:03:04

(DALIANNEWS)- The city’s municipal government has recently conferred the “Xinghai Friendship Award” 2016 to twenty foreign experts working in Dalian, a port city of Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province. The city’s Mayor Xiao Shengfeng also met with some of the award-winning experts on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Mayor Xiao expressed his congratulations to the award-winning experts, and also sent sincere greetings to all the foreign experts and their families working in Dalian. He also introduced the city’s social and economic development achievements after the opening-up, especially that in the first quarter of this year.

“Dalian is an opening-up city and the city’s government attaches great importance to the international economic and technology cooperation and global talents introduction. A total of 5,920 foreign experts have worked in this city, not only becoming participators of the city’s construction but also the witnesses of the city’s development. They have made great contributions to the city’s economic and social development and urban construction, and we will always remember their hardworking, intelligence and wisdom to this city.” , said Mayor Xiao.

Representatives of the experts from Israel and Japan also expressed their aspiration. “We have seen an excellent environment of investment, technology and talents introduction in Dalian, and also felt a comfortable, convenient and fashionable life in this most livable city in the world. We’d like to use our wisdom to make our contribution to this city, and promote the city’s image wherever we go.”

Initiated in 1996, Dalian “Xinghai Friendship Award” was granted to 419 foreign experts successively. The award this year was conferred to 20 foreign experts from Russia, America, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Japan, India, South Korea and other countries, covering a wide array of industries such as integrated circuit, software and electronic information, equipment manufacturing and education.

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