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Russian teenagers visit local families
BY 2016-08-15 09:22:05

(DALIANNEWS)- Some of the local families receive a group of over 20 Russian teenagers this summer, who are under the leadership of a Russian sinologist and his wife Tian Tian.


A Russian girl learns Chinese calligraphy at a local family in Dalian, a port city of Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, August 13, 2016.

The event is aimed to provide an opportunity for Russian teenagers to experience Chinese family atmosphere and also learn Chinese culture.

“It is the fourth time for us to organize Russian teenagers to visit Dalian. The teenagers are aged from 8 to 16, and some of them have visited this port city for the fourth time.”, said Tian Tian.

Among them, there is a teenager who lives in Russia with his Chinese parents ever since he was born. With a Chinese appearance but can not speak a Chinese word, the teenager was asked to experience Chinese life and culture in Dalian by his parents this time.

“The teenagers have improved their Chinese a lot both in speaking and listening. They also like Chinese food.”, said Mrs. Tian gladly, when she talked about the teenagers’ reaction to the event in the past three years.

“Their parents are also very pleased at the children’s performance after they go back to Russia.”, Mrs. Tian added.

For the commendation, the couple had made a detailed investigation on local families with the reception intention before the teenagers arrived. “We deliberately arrange teenagers to local families with different backgrounds.”, said Mrs. Tian.

According to Mrs. Tian, a girl named Waliya (transliteration), who lives in a well-off family in Russia, is arranged in an ordinary family this time in Dalian.

“We assigned her to a well-off family in her previous visit, and she didn’t get any unaccustomed to it. However, we arrange her to an ordinary family deliberately this time.” , Mrs. Tian said.

In the beginning, Waliya was not accustomed to it, but as time went on, she was infected by the family’s warm heart. She was arranged to an individual room, experiencing the hospitality of this family, and getting quite well with them soon.

A Chinese parent Zhu Yufeng is also in favor of this meaningful event. “The event is a collision of culture between western countries and China. It will improve the children’s inclusiveness and association.”, said Mr. Zhu.

The event will also include a flexible ball contest and an art performance for children in Russia and China.

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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