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Two int'l cruises to take Dalian as port of origin this year
BY 2016-01-20 14:24:36

(DALIANNEWS)- The port of Dalian announced its cruise berthing plan as the port of origin on January 19, 2016.

According to the plan, the MSC Lirica will take Dalian Port as the port of departure after it finishes its Cheju-Fukuoka-Dalian voyage from Qingdao. It will have a total of eight voyages starting from Dalian from September 8 to October 5 this year.

Apart from that, Royal Caribbean Cruise will have four voyages starting from the Port of Dalian, which will fall on July 20(12 am to 8 pm), July 25(7 am to 5 pm), July 30(7 am to 5 pm), and August 3(7 am to pm).

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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