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With charity project, music teacher hits the right note
BY 2015-11-19 09:12:33

Clockwise from top: Shi Yan teaches a class at the Guribanhua Central School; a teacher and his pupils in the middle of a music lesson; pupils gets their beloved music instruments through a charity project called Sound of Yida - Love Music Classroom. Photos Provided To China Daily

Shi Yan brings the joy of music to students in far-flung schools without the resources for a music room

Shi Yan has the knack of firing up her students' imaginations. The 36-year-old is always full of enthusiasm whether she is teaching music at a primary school in Dalian, Liaoning province, or volunteering to support rural schools.

On Sept 17, Shi was teaching a class at the Guribanhua Central School as a member of a charity team that donated musical instruments to five rural schools in Tongliao, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Seeing her fingers glide over the piano keys, the students were fascinated.

When she told the students to practice the movements they were happy to do it.

"We can't imagine such a lively music class. Generally, our music teachers only teach singing," says He Wuritu, head of the school.

"With the instruments, our class is not boring any more. The warm-hearted people from Dalian are opening a new gate for our students to the world of music," she says.

Shi, a national model teacher of music, has been taking part in a charity project called Sound of Yida - Love Music Classroom since it was launched in April 2011.

Initiated by Dalian Music Radio (FM1067), the Dalian Charity Federation and the Dalian-based Yida Group, the project aims to create music rooms in rural primary schools.

It has so far setup 94 music rooms in Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Hebei provinces.

"Schools in rural areas lack resources for music education. Many schools have no music instruments at all. Some even have no recorder, let alone a piano. For the kids there music education means only singing," says Shi.

According to Yao Jiange, chief inspector of Dalian Music Radio, each donated music room is equipped with 20,000 yuan ($3,15) worth of instruments, including two digital pianos, some clarinets, harmonicas, percussion instruments, and a digital demonstration teaching instrument that can help students better understand the teacher's finger movements.

Usually, after the donation, Shi Yanand Ren Guanjie, a music teacher from Dalian Youth Recreation Center, give instruction to local teachers on how to use the instruments and liven up the class.

Change of mission

In the beginning, the project organizers just donated musical instruments. But when they paid return visits to the schools, they found that some music teachers did not know how to use the instruments and that the students lacked instruction.

Therefore, the organizer formulated a plan to train music teachers and students. It is called Leading Geese and Stars of the Future.

Under the plan, teachers can learn piano accompaniment and vocal music from famous musicians and the students can have lessons from professional music teachers.

They can also enjoy live art performances.

Shi Yan believes that training gives the teachers and students inspiration.

She speaks highly of the charity project saying that it has become a system with not only donations but also return visits that benefit students in rural areas.

"Maybe a new star is rising from among them," she says.

Many people and companies dedicated to charity and education in Dalian are supporting the project. Among them, property giant Yida Group is the biggest contributor, donating 600,000 yuan every year.

Bao Hongkui, vice-president of Yida, says: "Love Music Classroom corresponds perfectly with Yida's charitable work. Sucha good project deserves continuous donations."

Shi Yan loves traveling with the group to the rural schools.

"Were I not really in love with it, I would have found many reasons to avoid the fatigue of a long journey," she says, "They are not doing it on impulse or simple charity, instead, they really want to do something."

During a trip in September, the group drove more than 2,000 kilometers over five days and donated 10 music rooms in Chaoyang, Liaoning province and five in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia.

According to Pingping (the stage name of Chen Zhiping), deputy inspector of Dalian Music Radio, dozens of companies and more than 100 teachers have volunteered to help.

"Shi is one of the best and most enthusiastic," she says.

Together with the charity team, volunteers have also gone to the rural areas and influenced people there to pay attention to musical education in rural areas.

A masterful teacher

Shi Yan has been working as a music teacher at primary schools since 1997. Now, she teaches piano at Dalian Shahekou District Chunliu Primary School.

With innovative teaching methods and fresh style, she once won the first prize in a nationwide teaching competition.

"I started learning to play the piano when I was 5. At that time, I was forced by my parents to practice every day. So I understand my students and try to let them learn in a happy and relaxed atmosphere," she says.

Currently, parents in urban areas want their children to learn piano, painting, dancing, swimming, and English. However, things are quite different in the rural areas.

There, both schools and parents do not pay attention to musical education, she says.

"Sound of Yida-Love Music Classroom is not only sending them (rural schools) music instruments, but also a concept - the emphasis on musical education. Students in rural areas deserve the same education as their peers in urban areas do," Shi says.

(Editor:Grace) (From:China Daily)
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