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All ears on Chinese premier at Summer Davos
BY 2015-09-10 14:09:23

BEIJING, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- As the natural slowdown of China's restructuring economy gains increasing international attention, the world is looking for as many signals as possible to predict the trajectory of the global growth powerhouse.

The latest focus is the Summer Davos forum in the northeastern Chinese city of Dalian, where Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with business leaders on Wednesday and is to address the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum meeting on Thursday.

Reuters: "We won't be swayed by short term economic fluctuations in our big picture direction," said Li. The creation of over 7 million new urban jobs and keeping unemployment rate at 5.1 percent in the first half of this year showed China's economy was on "reasonable track".

The Washington Post: Speaking at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in the northeastern city of Dalian, Premier Li Keqiang said economic growth was in "the proper range" and insisted his government would stick to its plans to introduce reforms to give market forces a greater role.

Deutsche Welle: "There has been overall stability in China's economic performance in spite of a certain amount of moderation. There's an overall positive trend in spite of difficulties we face," he said, adding that Beijing would "fine tune" its policies to provide more support.

South China Morning Post: Li: "We will not be unnerved by short-term fluctuations of economic indexes, but we will not treat them too lightly. We will practise anticipatory adjustments and fine-tuning at the right time, and strengthen targeted adjustments. I believe the Chinese people have the wisdom, and the Chinese government has the capacity to keep the economy growing at a medium-high pace until it reaches a medium-high level."

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