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RHI AG to set up R&D center in Dalian
BY 2015-07-08 10:08:17

(DALIANNEWS)– The Vienna-based Austrian company RHI AG will set up a research and development center for China in Jinpu new district in Dalian, news announced from a meeting between the city’s mayor Xiao Shengfeng and chairman of RHI AG, in Dalian, a port city of Northeastern China’s Liaoning Province, July 7, 2015.

Both sides reached an agreement on the further deepening of cooperation during the meeting.

Xiao Shengfeng, mayor of Dalian city, welcomed the delegation by the chairman of RHI AG.

“As a core city of Northeast China, Dalian has lots of advantages in outstanding economic function, perfect distribution system, location and qualified personnel. It is a prudent strategic choice for RHI AG to set up a R&D center for China in Dalian, which forms a completed industrial chain in fields of product research and development, design, production and distribution.” said Xiao Shengfeng.

“The city’s government will create a sound development environment, promoting both sides to a win-win cooperation.” Xiao added.

“The level of research and development will determine a company’s success or failure. The R&D center set up by RHI AG in Dalian is the proof of the city’s attraction. We will seize this opportunity to discuss the new cooperation modes and promote more projects in Dalian. ” said the chairman of RHI AG.

The Vienna-based RHI AG with a history of over 100 years, is one of the largest industrial group in Austria, and also the global largest heat-resistant refractory products company in research and development, production and distribution.

RHI AG invested to build a heat-resistant refractory products production company in Jinzhou new district in 2003, and continued to increase capital to enlarge the production base. In 2006, RHI AG also set up a trading institution in Dalian, which is responsible for the development and product distribution in Chinese market.

Lots of foreign investors eye the development advantages and potentials of the port city of Dalian during a new-round revitalization of Northeast China. RHI AG will set up a R&D center in Jinpu new district in Dalian, and develop and design new products according to the market demand.

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